Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chapter 34: Moving to Denver

"When a chapter of your Life Book is complete, your spirit knows it's time to turn the page so a new chapter can begin. Even when you're scared or think you're not ready, your spirit knows you are." ~ Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

So the day I returned from selling all of those cupcakes, I walk into my room and found Aaron laying in bed reading. Exhausted from selling the cupcakes and the emotional roller coaster of having the rug pulled out from underneath me, I crashed next to him.

"What are you reading?" I mumbled into his chest.

"A job offer."

This woke me up.

The day the company Aaron had been working for announced the huge cut backs they were going to be making (we are talking laying off 30% of their work force) he got a call from another company asking him to come out to Denver for an interview. Though he felt about 70% secure in his job, he figured it couldn't hurt and he would score a trip to Denver out of it. Unbeknownst to friends and family, Aaron slipped out of Texas, interviewed in CO and returned home all in the same day.

It was so fun having a secret with him again! It reminded me of the first time I was pregnant. No one in the whole world knew but the two of us! They are the warmest of secrets.

The offer was dizzying. I really did not know what to think. It was a huge leap in his career but we were both very torn about leaving our family, friends and home state. We've left before but longed for Texas the whole time we were away. We've only been home for about 3 years and I was just really starting to feel settled again. Both of our parents have moved closer to us since our return. I felt bad about having to tell them that we were leaving but there was also some wicked pleasure in reminding them all again that we are our own.

I've been moved (shocked) by our friends response to our leaving. It feels good to know how much our family means to everyone. It's been very hard on Aaron. He feels so responsible for everyones tears, especially his sons! But there have been many promises of visits and we are really counting on that! We want to see everyone! Come ski, hike, fish and shop!

Aaron leaves this afternoon and starts work there tomorrow. He will come back for Father's Day weekend. I don't know when I get to join him for some house hunting. I don't know when we will be officially moving. This is the nasty part of it all. I like details and I like a plan and I am having to try and let all of that go right now. I keep telling myself to enjoy the ride. As my sister said, God's plan has always been perfect for our family and in the right seasons. So I'm lacing my fingers behind my head and trying to just lay back into them and into the knowledge that He has all the details figured out. He keeps saying "Relax and have fun! Please let me give you some suprises and adventure. I promise to reveal it all to you but let's peel back the wrapping a little at a time..." Oh you are a fun God. Teaching me patience and trust all the while bleesing my socks off. :P

And I know it's not the end of us in Texas or with our relationships here. It's "bye for now." "See you soon."

"I felt the flutter of a page turn deep within me as a chapter in my Life Book came to a close." ~ Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

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