Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have one of those new fancy phones where you touch the screen to make it go.  It's been a rough introduction but I'm starting to get the hang of it.  I've recently set my alarm on it.  I got to choose the sound I would wake up to.  There is this fun little diddy that starts soft and charm like.  A melodic "Good morning" is sang and then..."bup bup bup bow bow bup bup bup bow bow bow !"  A funky little rhythm erupts garnished with a chiming "beautiful day!"  I LOVE THIS!  It puts me in such a good mood!

Still having not adjusted to the time change, Drew woke up at 6 this morning and climbed into my bed.  He has always had a thing for my earlobes and so I awoke to his tugging on them.  (I swear when I'm an old my earlobes will be past my shoulders.) 

"Good morning my beautiful mother," he whispered, "I think it is going to snow today."

I had told the boys that the weather was predicting a chance of snow so during our bed time prayers last night Drew pleaded with God for snow.

"We'll see Bug.  It's early still so lets try to sleep a little longer, k?"  But no.  He did not want to sleep.  He kept talking.

"I love your beautiful face, mommy!  I'm so glad you grew up big and had a little boy to love you." 

Irresistible.  There was no sleeping after that, just lots of 'nuggling until...."Bing, bing, bing.  Good morning!  Bup bup bow bow bup bup bup bow bow bow!"  Drew smiled big at my alarm and I got up and did a little morning dance for him. 

"OK, mom...that's enough."


All that to say, I had a great start to a great day!  It did not look like the snow was going to come so I was a little bummed but it was baking day.  Woo hoo!

We had stellar results today.  We all come with something in mind to bake.  Everyone helps clean up (but mostly Patti) and we all take home a little bit of everything.  Today I came home with a loaf of Ezekiel bread, 8 bagels (4 plain, 4 cinnamon), sombrero cookies, apple pie, Quinoa (YUM) and cupcakes with the cream filling in the middle just like Hostess makes.  (Is that everything...?)  I made the pies and they did not take long so I got to help with a little bit of everything else.  As we baked, ice started to fall outside that eventually turned to snow.  I don't know if it was the long awaited snow or all of the amazing baked goods that surrounded me but I did my Happy Dance many times.  And I sang the Good morning song. (I couldn't help it.  It was stuck in my head.)

After getting my goodies home (I walked home from Caren's.  In the snow.  Up hill both ways.  I jest!) I had to head to the school to pick up the boys.  I went into the mud room to pile on some winter stuff.  I actually paused awhile over wearing my snow boots.  There was not even an inch of snow on the ground.  Would that really be necessary?  I had visions of me showing up at the school all bundled up while the other moms had nothing but a long sleeve shirt and maybe a vest on.  I finally decided that I wanted to be warm and if bundling up in the snow means I will stick out like the foreigner that I am then so be it.  I mean, it's snowing!  So I donned a hat my Grandma had knit me, my leather coat, gloves and snow boots. 

The roads were fine and my times of driving in the snow in Missouri came back to me.  It wasn't scary like driving in the snow in Texas.  The hardest part was keeping my eyes on the road instead of the beautiful snow scenes I was passing by! 

I got to the school a little early and so got out to enjoy the snow a bit.  There were so many people I was wishing would appear next to me.  I wish you guys were here to enjoy these little moments!  As I suspected I was a tad over dressed.  There were many with the long sleeve shirt and vests.  There were a few with nothing but a sweater and a knit cap on.  Then there was a lady who walked up with one of those "fur" caps on with the ear flaps, a big puffy winter coat, and boots up to the knees. 

She must not be from here.  I thought, and then I had a good chuckle at myself.

The bell rang and the kids burst out of the school with cheers and laughter regarding the snow!  It was straight out of a Peanuts cartoon. 

"It's snowing!"  they shouted and then they tried to catch the snow flakes on their tongues, scooped up snow and dared each other to stick their tongues on the flag pole.  One young man began packing a snowball but it his attempt was thwarted by a teacher.  Apparently snowballs are not allowed on campus. 

I found my sons making their own snowballs.  Drew over heard the teacher and dropped his snowball to the ground.

"It's OK buddy," I said,  "You can throw one at me or your brother if you want."

"But we're not allowed!"

"Well, I'm your mom and this is your brother so you can throw one if I say."

Gabriel still had his and Drew wanted Gabe to toss it at him.  I zipped up Drew's coat so the snow would not get in his shirt.  Gabriel wound up his pitch and then...

"Gabe,"  Mr. Chris, the bus driver squawked over his bus intercom, "Don't throw it...at his face."

I smiled at Chris!  I love that guy!  So Gabe wound up and SPLAT!  The first snowball of the season was pitched with a few little cheers from the kids on the bus.

I dropped Drew off at cub scouts and then home we went.  Gabriel announced that he would need a fire in the fireplace to keep warm by while doing homework.

I'd never built a fire before but decided it couldn't be too hard.  I mean, forest fires start by mere accidents and neanderthals were able to figure it out.

Aaron already had wood stacked in there and so I just shoved in newspaper here and there, lit a match and wa la!  Fire!  Well...fire for about 3 minutes.  As soon as the paper burned out it was over.  I tried using the bellow but only succeeded in making the paper temporarily glow.  Hm.  I shoved new paper in and lit it again with the same results.  One log in the back finally caught and I was pretty satisfied but Gabe complained that it was not sufficiently heating the room.  I tried again and tucked some matches in between some of the bark for good measure.  My little trick worked and I had a bona fide fire!  Woo hoo!  Now I know how the cave men felt.

Today I woke up to happy children, baked many yummy things with several fabulous ladies, I danced, I sang, I drove on the mountain in the snow, I was not the biggest thumb sticking out at the school and I built a fire.

"Bup bup bup bow bow bup bup bup bow bow bow bow bup bup bow bow bup bup bow bow!"

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