Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mountain Lion Time

Every evening, at dusk, Drew starts closing all of the doors and windows because its "mountain lion time." It is a good rule here to have pets and children in during dusk and dawn because bears and panthers are out at that time but a Lock Down is probably not necessary.

If we are at someone's house for a party or something Drew wants to get home by dusk. He does not want to walk home during MLT. I'm not 100% but I think the mountain lions are looking for some easier pickens. Usually, a solo jogger or small pet. A large group of people are probably a little bit safer. Not completely (look out stragglers) but definately better then walking around alone.

The other night Aaron and I tried out our hot tub for the first time. He's spent the last two weekends cleaning and repairing it. So we finally decided to give it a go Saturday night.

It was dark.

Very dark.

After awhile we decided it would behoove us to have a lantern of some sort out there. Maybe light up the fire pit. Then Aaron decided the real wise thing to do would be to have his pistol with in reach. So he goes back in the house to get it while I sit there. Alone. In the hot tub. Essentially I am Michal Stew.

"How you doin' in there babe?!" I hollered out to him.

So...yeah. Nice relaxing time in the hot tub. Hm.

My neighbor, Caren, and I walk every morning with her dogs. It's a 3 1/2 mile "hike" up the road and around the loop here in our hood. So one morning we head out and a very territorial Golden Lab starts coming down the hill. His teeth are barred and his head is dropped below his shoulders. He has a Collie with him but the Collie is dumb and giddy as they usually are.

Caren's dog, Rascal, starts to strike the same pose as the lab. I tighten my hold on Rascal's leash and Caren takes another look at the approaching lab. With the snarling teeth and agressive posture he looked distorted. The coloring and size....

"Wait a minute." Caren says, "Are you sure that's a dog?"

For a brief moment fear grips us. Our mind plays tricks on us and we see a mountain lion heading towards us. Just as quickly, I reason that a mountain lion is not going to be running the streets with a lick-happy Collie. Still we both decided it best to head the other direction.

Today on my way to the grocery store, I am driving down the same street. There in the middle of the road is a golden beast. His gate is unusual. Not like a dogs at all, and he's walking right down the middle of the road. As my car approaches I see that it is a dog though. Another golden lab-mix. His walk is strange and his body looked so big because he had a tumor coming out the side of his body that is the size of his head! I kid you not people! It was so gross and heart wrenching! Poor baby. I immediatley called Caren.

"Call animal control. There is a two headed dog heading towards our house that needs to be picked up pronto."

So we all are careful of the moutnain lions. We know they are there and they know we are here. The likely-hood of seeing one is very slim. I believe it is a less then 10% chance of seeing one. There are folks who have been here for their whole lives and have not caught a glimpse. But I also hear that if you do have the chance to see one, its too late. You're a gonner.

The first night we were here my neighbor's husband, Kevin, told us that mountain lions pin you down with their front paws and rip open your guts with their hind claws. You are eaten alive. Yea!

Please come visit!

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