Friday, January 21, 2011

Party! Party! Party! Party!

Since we learned of our mutual love of parties, Caren and I have been whipping them up about once a month.  For Halloween we hosted a spooky-fab bash that was talked about (and recovered from) from for days.  Then there was the Gingerbread House Competition born from my desire for a Who-ville Christmas and Caren's longing to bring back an old tradition.  Around the same time I learned that most of my friends husbands enjoy playing Poker.

"What about a Poker Party?"  I suggested

"We should totally do that!"  Kevin got excited and suggested a western themed Poker Party.

"No...I got it," quipped Caren, "We should do it for Valentines Day and call it 'Love is a Gamble.'"

Of course this was the best ever!  Yesterday Caren and I brain-stormed.  She thought it would be fun to deliver cookies to the guests with the invite attached.  I suggested we make double-heart cookies and ice them like dice. 

We had plans for lunch and shoe shopping today.  Since it would be a long day, I brought Drake to play with the Pack (Caren's 3 dogs.)  When I arrived, she had already made and iced 30 cookies. 

"The frosting will harden while we shop and then we can add the little dots to make them look like dice," she said.

We had an awesome time at lunch with the ladies and had much success on the shoe shopping trip.  Home we went, happy and full!  When Caren opened the door to her house she screamed and laughed.

"What?  What is it?!" 

"The dogs are in the house!"

Two of Caren's dogs and Drake were in the house.  (I should've locked the sliding glass doors...oops!)  I suspect Drake opened the door and then ushered his buddies in.  We surveyed the Unauthorized House Party:

The 30 iced cookies Caren had made were completely gone.  Though I have to give them credit for the clean up because there was not even a crumb left behind.  There had been a bowl of icing on the counter as well, that had been covered in Saran Wrap.  Not only was the icing gone but so was the Saran Wrap.  We found a half eaten marker and someone had peed on the floor.  The biggest mess was the popcorn.  Caren had a brand new bag of popcorn kernels (because she does not microwave anything) and the dogs had ripped it open and spilled the kernels all over the floor!  It was a mess.  The dogs, always wound up when they greet you, were super hyper from all of the sugar they ate.

"Oh Caren, these dogs are going to be so sick!"

"Who ate the Saran Wrap?!  I mean...who ate the Saran Wrap?!"

To her credit she just laughed and laughed.  I am glad she could see the humor in it because I feel totally responsible.  I did not lock the door and I know that Drake can open doors.  He's worked knobs at my house a couple of times so a sliding glass door was no sweat.  It was hilarious and kind of a fun way to wrap up a delicious day!  I better head to bed now though because tomorrow I have cookies to bake... : /

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