Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Part 2 or From Rug Rats to Bureaucrats

The boys have some long standing traditions with their Great Uncle Larry and Aunt Nancy.  One is that Aunt Nancy makes ginormous breakfasts (and lunches...and dinners).  This breakfast entails of pancakes, eggs, toast, cantaloupe, blue berries, grapes, pineapple, and.....SAUSAGE!  Drew loves the sausage and we have to give him a two patty limit.  But Aunt Nancy loves the Drew and wants to let him have as many as he'd like. 

The other tradition stemmed from the boys getting up way too early and sneaking into Uncle Larry and Aunt Nancy's room to wake them up.  To deter them, Uncle Larry started making Rug Rat traps.  These usually consisted of some sort of paper plate, string...contraption and evolved over the years. 

On our way into Texas, Drew called Aunt Nancy to be sure she had not forgotten the "sawl-sage" and to see if Uncle Larry was ready for his Rug Rats.

When we woke up Sunday morning I saw the most elaborate Rug Rat trap that I'd ever seen Larry make.  Across the doorway to the kids room was a web of string.  Signs hung from the web warning Rug Rats (especially sausage eating ones) to stay out.  In front of the door was a couple of cardboard lean-toos.  String was attached to the poles holding them up and an empty box of Jimmy Dean Sausage tucked under the boxes to lure the Rug Rats in.  (The actual sausage was safe in the freezer.)

When Gabriel got up, he slipped under the web and around the trap.

"Ha ha!  Uncle Larry!  You didn't catch this Rug Rat!"

Larry and I knew the other RR would soon wake up.  We both hid around the corner and waited.  We could hear some bumbling about and then a Drew Rat appeared in the door way.

"No Rug Rats A...llow..ed," he carefully read.  "Especially...Sausage...eating...ones."  He then knelt down to crawl under the web.  At that vantage point he noticed the sausage box under the trap.

"What the...?"  He reached under the trap and examined the box.  "Wait a minute...this is empty!"  Just then Uncle Larry pulled the string and *SNAP!* caught him a Rug Rat!  Drew howled with laughter and false cries for help.  Larry, Gabe and I rolled with laughter!

That morning we were to have our interview with Channel 8 in Dallas.  I had prepared the boys that this may not happen.  (Please see my blog titled "Tiny Town Tragedy" for further explanation...) 

"The story could get bumped.  There are lots of important things going on and though your cupcake is really cool, it could be dropped for a bigger story," I warned.

"Yeah," Drew agreed.  "Like if the President dies."

"Um...yeah.  That could possibly be more important then your cupcake story."  They are so humble.

As it turned out they did get dropped.  I received a call from a guy there.  PJ had scheduled him too tight and he would not be able to make it from one story to another.  He said their sister station in Austin may try to contact us.  I thanked him and knew we would not be hearing from the sister station.

"Boys, there is good news and bad news.  The bad news is that your story has been dropped.  The good news is that we get to stay and play with Uncle Larry and Aunt Nancy longer!"

"Yea!" cried Drew.  Gabriel was not as thrilled but Drew reminded him, "It's not important that we were dropped, Bubba.  What's important is that we are having FUN!"  With that the boys grabbed Larry and Nancy and roped them into a game of Trouble.

In Austin we checked into our room at Embassy Suites.  The boys thought it was the most amazing place they had ever stayed at, with it's fountain filled courtyard and glass elevators.  There was the added luxury that we were staying on the 10th floor! 

We had plans to meet various family and friends at Baby Acapulco's for dinner.  When we arrived, Aaron's cousin Jenny (Larry and Nancy's daughter) was already there waiting.  She looked ethereal in her bohemian style maxi dress and her strawberry blond tresses blowing about her!  The boys hugged and kissed their Jenny!!  Soon after, my dear friend Lesley arrived with her boyfriend, Rodney.  There was more squeezing then hugging happening.  It was so good to be with my girl again!  Finally, Sissy joined our party and we all settled in for a lovely time together.  At the end of the meal Drew invited everyone back to our room.

"There is a glass elevator!"  He promised them.

"It's a once in a life time opportunity,"  Gabriel encouraged.

"Yeah...like being a guest on the Senate floor...." Dawn quipped.  We all laughed and everyone agreed that they could not pass up the opportunity to ride on a glass elevator for 10 stories.

Back at the suites the fun continued with a round of hide-n-seek.  My sister brought her shears and fixed Drew's hair.  I had cut it myself for picture day at school.  Dawn was greatly offended by the results.  I didn't think it was that bad until I saw how much her cut had improved it.  After the boys had their baths and brushed their teeth we all called it a night and bid our guests goodnight.

In the morning the boys got all gussied up in their new threads and we met our friends at Kerbey Lane for a big breakfast.  We then all caravaned out to the capital together.  We planned to pose for pictures on the stairs of the capital.  We struck luck when also posing for pics was Miss Austin herself.  Gabriel did not want to take pictures with her but Drew was all too thrilled to pose with this cupcake! ;)  There were scads of pics with cannons and Aaron and Gabriel did their own thing....reading every plaque they could find.  Never waste an opportunity to learn, nerds!  Before heading into the capital, Rodney did the sweetest thing and bought the boys lapel pins for their suits.  They were little gold state seals.  Rod and Aaron pinned the boys lapels.  They looked so official and dapper!  Les and I took pics and got teary eyed watching our men dress up the little men.  Too sweet!

I fear that Part 2 has gone on a bit long.  Not to tease, but I think I will end here and finish the rest a bit later.  Plus I have to see if I can add a link to the video of the senate to my blog....there must be a way....

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