Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stags and Studs

Poor Drake has not even had a walk to the bus stop in weeks.  When he greets Aaron he is full of pent up energy and starts wrestling with him.  Aaron, of course, loves this but I see it as a sign that Drake has got to get moving.  He needs his walks and play time with Caren's pack.  So this morning I decided to strap on Drake's boot and take him down to the bus stop.

Right as we got to the end of my driveway there was a big beautiful deer crossing the road.  I gave Drake's leash a yank and he sat down.  His haunches were fidgeting beneath him and he was whimpering; his whole being full of desire to chase that deer!  As the deer leaped away, Drake stood up and pulled.  I pulled back and he sat again and cried until the deer was out of sight. 

Whew!  We dodged a bullet!

After the kids were on the bus we headed back up the hill.  Caren was with me and we stopped at the bottom of my drive to talk.  While talking, a herd of TEN freakin' mule deer came out from the back of my property!  Curses!!!

I pulled on the leash but Drake did not sit.  He stood there whimpering and stomping around in aggravation.  The deer timidly crept through the yard.  Seeing Drake at the bottom of the drive, they decided to cut through my next door neighbor's yard.  His boxers ran up to the fence barking and snarling at the big beautiful deer.  Seeming confused, the deer turned away from the boxers and kept coming closer.  Caren could not believe it.  She said she'd never have deer approach her like that.

Finally, someone in charge in the herd, made a decision.  Two big deer bolted to our left and the rest of the herd dispersed back up the hill.  Drake broke out after the two that volunteered to be decoys.  The leash that was wrapped around my hand, unraveled.  I had to again choose my safety over the dang dog and let him go.  My arthritis is pissed off!

Aaron has always wondered if Drake could bring a deer down.  I can tell you that he was right on the heel of one of the big guys that took off.  He is so lucky that he did not get a hoof in the face!  I am also very pleased that, after losing the deer, Drake came back. 

The vet says his foot is not healed well enough to go for his walks yet.  Really?  He looked healthy as a horse tailing those deer.  I think if a fawn was trailing back, Drake could bring it down.  Please don't Drake ol' boy!  Ew.

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  1. I'll tell you what, I've never met this Caren lady (unfortunately for me, she seems fantastic) but I'd bet you a dollar she'd butcher that deer for you and feed your family for a while! For free!