Monday, August 8, 2011

Mountain Woman Takes Manhattan Part 2

We woke up early our first morning in New York.  Hotel Pennsylvania continued to impress (please note my sarcasm) with their Continental Breakfast.  The breakfast room allowed entry with a key.  There were about 8 cocktail sized laminate tables, two chairs per table.  In the corner was of course the TV tuned into CNN.  (Ug.)  The coffee was nasty.  There were bagels and cream cheese and a variety of croissants and muffins.  I think there was orange juice...the end.

After breakfast we rode the sketchy elevators down to the lobby which always had a winding line to the front desk.  Always.  It looked like the lobby was an airport.  That place was so weird it was actually a relief to get out onto the crazy streets of New York.  The one good thing that did come of that place was that it had a magazine on the desk that had a map of Manhattan in the back.  It included subway information.  I carefully tore it out and folded it into my purse.

Armed with our map we headed towards The Metropolitan Museum via Central Park.  Aaron figured we could walk the whole way. 

"Well, we can...but I think the subway would be faster,"  I said.

"Yeah, but we'll see more of the city this way." 

I did not disagree with that and I wanted Aaron to see and be immersed in as much of the city as possible.  We passed through Times Square which is always good for pictures and people watching.  I was keeping my photo mission in mind while we went.  At one corner I saw a guy dressed in a Mickey Mouse costume. 

"Oh!  Let's take a picture with him!  The kids will love it!"  I posed with Mickey.  As soon as the picture was snapped he held out a bag asking for a tip.

"What?  No man, I'm not paying for a picture I took with my own camera," I said as I started walking on.  Aaron stayed back though and gave the guy all his loose change. 

"No more engaging people on the streets of New York," he said as he grabbed my arm and we hoofed it on. 

"Pooh," I pouted.  "That's half the fun."

Once we got to The Met we were surprised to see two long lines winding out of its doors.  The last time I came we just walked in.  It was almost 10:00 and the museum opened at 9:30.  I could not remember what time it had been the last time I came.  We obediently fell into line though.  Others were confused as well.  Apparently the line was for security, who was checking everyone's bags.  Luckily the line was fast and we moved through quickly.  By quickly I mean in 45 minutes but that seemed very fast for a line of this length.

While in line I told Aaron that the museum is actually free.

"They give a suggested price but you can just give them a dollar if you want.  It's just a donation.  So don't pay the suggested price."

At the ticket counter was a sign that read: Recommended price $25/Adult

"See,"  I said pointing out the sign, "It's just a recommendation."

Aaron asked the clerk for 2 tickets.

"The recommended price is $50," the clerk said and then Aaron paid it.

"Why did you do that?"  I asked.

We pressed on.

Aaron loved all of the art!  It was so great to show him my favorite pieces from my last visit.  I could not wait to show him his favorite artists as well.  It's amazing to see these famous works in person.  Aaron carefully examined a Van Gogh who slathered on his paints so thick that if it was a dessert you knew it would be rich.  Amazing texture!  I was inspired by so many works.  Can't wait to paint!!! 

I kept looking for a hall I'd seen before that was full of marble sculptures.  This would be the perfect place for our silly New York pic.  After consulting our map and then an attendant the hall was finally found.  There were Greek and Roman busts of various philosophers, ornate columns and sarcophagus'.  And then I found it.  A sculpture of some one...I did not even look at the plaque...who was naked.  There he was in all of his marble glory.

"This is it, Babe.  Let's take our picture with that guy.  We'll pose like we are shocked by his nudity."


"Come on!  It will be hilarious," I implored as we moved around the sculpture.

"I'll take your picture with it but I'm not getting in it."

"Nope.  The rule is that you have to be in the picture too."

"That means we have to ask someone else to take it and I already told you that we are not going to talk to any more random people on the streets."

"We're not on the streets," I argued.   "We are in a museum and there are other tourists.  Look...she looks nice and Mid-Western.  Excuse me, would you mind taking our picture with this sculpture?" 

By this time we were at the back of it.

"Sure," she said as I handed over my camera and Aaron sighed in defeat.

"Oh, perfect!  We'll just take it from his back side.  Remember to pose goofy, Baby."

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  1. This is the exact "goofy" pose that Mark would have chosen, and I, like you would have unknowingly been sticking my thumb up his a$$. Love how alike our men are and how goofy we allow ourselves to be!