Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Gift Of Season's Greetings

You know the scene where Charlie Brown keeps peeking into his mailbox to see if he's received any Christmas cards yet?  That's me! 

I love Christmas cards!  I love to send them and I love to get them.  They are an essential part of my Holiday decor.  Every year I hang them up so that they frame the window in our dining room.  We've had 4 houses now and we always have had this arrangement!

After Christmas is over, I carefully collect each one.  All of the ones with photos goes into a this box:

When the Holiday rolls around again, we take out all of the decorations and this box is in among them.  I set it out on my coffee table.  We all have such a good time perusing through them and seeing how everyone has changed and grown. 

I just got back from printing out our cards.  I've armed myself with a mug of hot water, fine tip pens, address book, and am now ready to address envelopes.  I love this part too!  Oh!  I forgot to buy stamps!  I hope they have pretty ones this year...

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