Sunday, May 2, 2010

What a Weekend!

Friday was the last day for the cupcake contestants to register. I think I have 12 contestants and over 20 cupcake flavors! The contestants are coming from all over the state. We've got 'em from Austin, Dallas, Ft.Worth and, of course, from all over Houston. It's truly a Texas State Cupcake Bake-off. There are professionals and a smattering of "domestic" entrants. It's going to be great! I am most looking forward to watching Miss Woodlands eat 21 cupcakes. Mwuahahaha!

Earlier this week I was sick with laryngitis. This is not an abuse of vocal chords but an actual infection of the larynx. I felt AWFUL! Flu-ish. On the second day into the Z-pack of antibiotics I get a an e-mail from the church asking me to sing the Momism song by Anita Renfroe. If you are not familiar with it Google it. Basically it's a song of all the things a mom says in a 24 hour period, sung to the tune of the William Tell Overture. It's killer. So struck with fear was I when I read the e-mail, that I started to cry a little. I also thought "this would be SO cool!" "They" told me that they got my name from several people. I am fairly new to the church and no body there has ever heard me sing or seen me perform. Apparently my "crazy" proceeds me. So...I started working on it. They asked that I have it half way memorized by Sat.(yesterday)to do a run through of it. If it was not coming together by then they would scrap it. I have a cupcake bake-off to plan, my sons 8th birthday party, a project for my grandmother's 80th birthday, soccer games and out of town company. I really did not think it was something I could squeeze in there. Then I thought, what mother out there does not have just as busy a schedule? Plus, God LOVES impossible. With Him in my corner I could crank this baby out. By Sat, I had over half of it memorized. This a.m. I am happy to say I know the whole song and now have a week to polish. God and Me: Kickin' butt and takin' names.

My sons birthday party was awesome! He wanted an Army themed party. With all of the military folk in our family, it holds a special interest to my son. That, and he's a boy. So in secret I asked his Uncle Matt, a former Marine, to come dressed in fatigues and drill the boys. I made invites that looked like dog tags. There is silver card stock at the craft store. I cut out the shape and wrote backward on the back of the tag shaped card. I wrote on a soft surface so the pencil would dent the page but not punch through. I thought I was a freakin' GENIUS until I realized that I had to trace over the writing over and over to really make the engraving effect come through. After the second one I was over it. Idiot! *slaps forehead* The kids came dressed in camo and ready for war. They painted their faces with camo paint. It was awesome! They had a blast. My body is sore though because my brother-in-law had me demonstrate the obstacle course to the children. Punk. After the hives I got from army crawling through the grass subsided, I was able to enjoy the party with everyone else. My son had a BLAST!

Uncle Matt also gave him his first BB gun. I understand this to be a right of passage for Texas boys but it still unnerves me. I grew up in a house with guns. My father had hunting rifles and shotguns. My brother had a BB gun at a young age and eventually graduated to the hunting rifle. We were all taught gun safety. So maybe it shouldn't bother me so much but...I think it's right for a parent to have a healthy level of fear when first arming their child even if the BB's can't break flesh. This is a huge responsibility to hand to a kid who can't find his own socks. Gabriel is a serious lad though and I can tell he definitely gets the seriousness of it. He went out back with his Papa, Uncle and Father and shot and shot and shot until *plink* he finally shot a coke can. Thank God. I will sleep better knowing that my son and the other men in my family can protect me from crazed coke cans that may attack my home.

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