Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TAKS bllllllllllllll!!!

It's TAKS testing time and I've gotta say the whole thing pisses me off. I understand the importance of having some way to know if our teachers are teaching our students what they need to but I have a HUGE problem with the pressure that is put on our students. This test is not important for them. No college is going to review your childs TAKS scores when reviewing their application.

If a child fails the TAKS test they can be held back a year. If your child fails the TAKS they will review their grades before automatically failing them for the year. They are not going to fail a straight A student that failed the TAKS. (I've checked.) But seriously, how do you expect to get quality scores from students who are under pressure and having to sit and do nothing but test for hours. Ludicrous.

My son will start taking the test next year and I've told him not to worry about it. (because he already does.) The schools talk it up so much that these kids are concerned to take it before it's even their turn! I've told Gabe that the test is not about him so he has nothing to worry about. I don't care how well or bad he does and colleges don't care so he need not worry about.

Texas Monthly did an article on this last year. Turns out the test is made by people who have no degree in education. In fact some of the people had no degree AT ALL! Bllllllll! It's bull crap people! Big pile of smelly bull crap!

Now I understand that they can hold back a student who fails the TAKS and if a whole school fails then there would be lack of funds or some form of punishment for that. But what if the whole district were to refuse to take the test? OR better yet...the whole state? What would they do then?

Here is what I would like to see different.

A. a better test created by EDUCATORS

B. stop teaching to the test. Teach them the curriculum.

C. I don't want to see work coming home where my student gets correct work marked wrong because he forgot to bubble it in or show his work. (though there is the whole following directions thing and I get that but don't ad pressure to these kids with practice tests and such.)

D. Stop talking about it. Don't talk about it at morning assembly, don't send notes home telling me how to feed my child the day of the test, don't tell my children that this is important because it's not important for them but only for the teacher or school. You adults carry that pressure and keep it off of my child.

E. Don't keep a child in at recess or after school for extra tutoring regarding TAKS. You have your time with them. After school is my time with them and recess is an important break that these guys need to make it through their day.

Both of my parents are educators and my mother in particular has often wondered why parents don't challenge the TAKS. Why has no one petitioned against it? Mother...don't give me ideas!

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