Thursday, July 1, 2010

House Hunt: Day 2

Yesterday went extremely well! We found a lot of houses that we liked and only one that was a major stinker. That poor house...

The neighbor to that house used to be a National Geographic photographer. He and his wife have lived everywhere! Talk about cool neighbors. But that house was in bad, bad shape. It had great bones and was in a beautiful spot but there was too, too much that would need to be done starting with painting the outside, possibly re-siding the whole thing. The basement was weird. Almost creepy. The guest room down there was possibly a former laundry room? We don't know. The bathroom down there was very questionable too. Not to mention all of the industrial carpet every where. Off of the basement was a patio (also covered in industrial carpet) that housed a hot tub. The hot tub patio was glassed in for views of the mountains but one wall was all mirror. Ew.

Upstairs was a very nice living area with wood floors, high ceilings and spectacular views. It had this very gaudy chandelier...from the 60's or 70's maybe. The kitchen was updated in the 80's. I did like it's window box over the sink. Had potential but after seeing so many houses that were really up to date it's kind of a let down. I can't remember if it was on the same floor or the one up, there was a laundry room with a sink and refrigerator. The bedrooms were all over the place and some had the industrial carpet. The IC was also found in some of the bathrooms. All fixtures were brass and tubs needed resurfacing. I mean it was just in bad, bad shape. OH and wallpaper. Old ugly wallpaper EVERYWHERE! If we just had the money, time and will to re-do it, that house would really be amazing. Good bones, with an amazing location. Needs someone with a lot of do-it-yourself know-how.

The rest of the houses we saw were awesome. They were all built in the 70's or 80's but were fully brought up to date by their owners. Saw lots of granite counter tops, stone tiling, plush carpet, gorgeous wood floors and the like. They were all up in the hills (mountains. Their elevation is about 7,000-8,000 ft. up.) The drive up to them was breath taking. Our realtor probably thinks I'm nuts because I would applaud when I saw a really great view and say "Yea God!" or "Bravo" or "Well done God. Well done!" I mean, the guy really knew what He was doing and I can't think He was making it pretty for Him as I'm sure He has the best views in Heaven. He made those gorgeous views for us. For our pleasure people! Anyway, I had to give Him props for it Just wow.

After our marathon day of house hunting, Aaron and I had a lot to talk about. Aaron had been his quiet self the whole outing. Once we were alone he started talking it up. We have a point system when we look at houses. So I averaged his scores with mine. Aaron announced this time he was also going to create a spreadsheet. (Dear God, help me.) We were starved and so went home to change and then to dinner to discuss our options. We decided to privately choose our top 5 and put them in order of best to worst. We would reveal our top 5 over dinner. Aaron made it clear that with out his spreadsheet, his top 5 was purely emotional and therefore was not his true top 5 but it would let us know where we were at. (Seriously God. Are you hearing this?)

Dinner was so fun! We started with my number 5 and then he would reveal his number 5and so on. (This is the same way we chose our kids names BTW. Sans a spreadsheet) Four out of our fives were a match, though some in different order of ranking. Both of our number fives were not on the others so we eliminated them. So now we are down to our favorite four. We re-ranked them over dinner. Aaron announced to me this a.m. that his spreadsheet is changing the order up again but that he still was not finished making it. *sigh*

Today we will walk through our top 4 again to see how we feel about them a second time through and then, hopefully, we can make an offer and get my kids up here with us!

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