Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sex Ed from the Scriptures

Last week I went to a Bible study with a friend. When the class was over we went to pick up our boys from "kids church." They apparently learned a lesson on Joseph and his coat of many colors. They made little paper doll Josephs and he had a coat of colors to wear and a jail outfit. Awww. the boys walked out to us the teacher smiled and said "the boys made very 'boy' Josephs."

I don't remember how I responded. Probably a knowing laugh and nod. As we are leaving the church Drew is showing us how his Joseph's hair was on fire.

And there it is. I thought. There is the "very BOY" part she was warning me about. It was kind of funny. No big deal. It's not the first time that my son was the "freaky violent" kid in class.

Then Drew starts to laugh and takes off Joseph's coat and says, "Now Joseph is naked! Ha ha ha!"

My friend and I laughed too and then we stopped in our tracks and really howled when Drew pointed out...

"And look! I drew him a penis!! Ha ha ha ha!"

OH it was so hilarious! We were standing outside the door of the church and Drew just kept going on and on about Joseph's penis. He drew a pink wanker in the appropriate place. It was awesome!

Then he told me that some of the girls made their Joseph's "Girl Joseph's." Now I was really laughing with wide eyes! Oh my! I wonder if that means that these girls were also trying to make him/her anatomically correct....

The fun never ends! Thanks Drew Bug!

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