Thursday, July 29, 2010

She'll be Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes

Monday they packed us. Tuesday they moved it all out....and my in-laws moved all of their stuff in. Yes, the last night in my house I slept in the guest room. Talk about surreal. I woke up disoriented until I realized where I was and that I had to get up and GO!!! We loaded the cars up (the animals in my car and the pets in Aaron's) and started out to swing by my mom's for a quick good bye.

As I'm driving down our street I see a sign: FAREWELL SWEET FRIENDS!

Oh my goodness! Is that for us?

Then another sign: DENVER OR BUST! WE'LL MISS YA'LL!!

"Kids! Did you see those signs?! Some sweet someone left us goodbye signs!" The kids missed them but I promised to go by them again after we said good bye to Nana. I did not want to stop with Aaron right behind me...but..wait...where was he? Turns out he stopped to pull the signs out. Once at mom's I asked him if the signs said who they were from. He could barely tell me that they were from our friends the Morgan's, he was so moved. I have known Aaron my whole life and I've rarely seen him get emotional about anything. Through out this whole move I have caught him getting a little soggy more than once. It's been hard for him to move the kids this time and leave the amazing friends we have back home.

And so began our trip! Way to go Morgan's! We plan on hanging those signs up in our new home. ;)

The kids were great; as were the pets. We had one incident where the cat puked. I text this little bit of adventure to my sister who responded with "let her go." Ha! Theodore barked for about 10 minutes and then just laid down and went to sleep. At least Aaron hoped he was sleeping... ;) The old dog surprised us all. He was a regular Gulliver. Smee Cat stayed in her crate. Sinclaire was the most ridiculous. She had free reign all over. She would sit in Aaron's lap or in the seat next to him. Every time we stopped though she tried to make a break. Then there was our beloved snail, Gary. Gary was the worst of all! He made so much noise and would also try to escape with Sinclaire. I jest...

The boys were even less eventful. In his great wisdom, my husband charged up their PSP's before we left. They played for about 6 hours!! They were thrilled! This is something I would never allow at home. I was diggin' it though. They were quiet the WHOLE time! Thanks Nintendo (or whoever makes those things.)

We stayed the night in Amarillo. Upon our arrival Drew announced that he loves hotels! He walked in and did a Nestea plunge onto the bed.

"Thank you hotel for letting us stay here!" He shouted. He's easy to please. And it was not a hotel. It was a Hampton.

Today's half of the trip was much shorter and more scenic. This is beautiful country! Through the whole drive I have just been thanking God for my friends that we have left behind and for the opportunity we have in Colorado. I also kept feeling more and more in love with my husband. There is something very romantic about gathering up all that you have, family and pets and heading out west together. I will follow this guy anywhere. Of course I don't think you would have to drag anyone kicking and screaming to Colorado. It's not Texas sure is purty!

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