Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Love on the Rocks

There are so many things that I don't understand or know about God.  What I do know is His love and grace and that it's for everyone.   Sometimes prayer feels very vacant and pointless.  Very, very rarely have I prayed and then had revelation from Him.  Usually it is in life's mundane things that God speaks to me.  But He does.  He does not answer all of our questions.  Life is full of mysteries and surprises.  I see Him all the time, in everything. 

"The earth sings of His glories,"  says a song.  When I hike in Red Rocks I very much understand that lyric.  The rocks were pushed up out of the earth 6 million years ago when God was creating the Rocky Mountains.  (Something like that...maybe it was billion...and yes, I think the earth was created billions of years ago.  What's 7 days when you are an Eternal God?  Is the fact that it took a long time less miraculous?  I could go on and on.) The Rockies are basically a big fold in the earth, like a crease in your pants.  The Foothills, where I live, and Red Rocks are the sort of residue of that.  That's not the right description but if you have ever worked with clay or play dough you know what I mean. 

Red Rocks were pushed up out of the earth.  They have such a sense of motion to them!  Their color and texture add to their beauty.  I think they are a testimony of God's might and artistry.  Mostly, though, I feel they are an expression of love.  As any lover would leave surprises and treasures to woo another or maybe even as one would display their talents, I feel God has created things like Red Rocks, the Grand Canyon, the oceans, a sunset, the moon and the stars....all of these things are for us!  They are not for Him.  He's in Heaven, where I'm sure the scenery here pales!  They are for us to enjoy and to marvel.  I love presents!  Thank you Father!

The other day I was driving home and saw an amazing sunset! 

"Looks like someone was dabbling in the Cray Paas..." I said to Him.

He loves us so much!  All of us.  Please remember to love as He does, people.  My heart hurts for people who feel unloved by God's people, but worse, by God Himself.  Christ died for people of every color, sexual orientation, and political party.  He died for people of every religion, for addicts, for recreational drug users....for everyone. 

 Sorry, the news of late, overwhelms me.

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