Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Place Like Home

So last week started off pretty rough, with me losing my mind over cheese in the grocery deli.  But pretty much from there on out life became right again!  (Props to Jesus)

Wednesday were parent/teacher conferences and the reports on the boys were glowing.  They are doing well academically and making friends.  Drew has developed a reputation at the school as being such a happy child.  This just cracks me up!  I'm so glad he is Mr. Personality at school.  I wish he would save more of it for home.  Ha!  In truth this week was the first week that I did not hear how much he disliked school, no running back for home at the bus stop and no tears.  SUPERB!

Friday was designated for cleaning the house in preparation for the housewarming party on Saturday.  School was out for teacher inservice and so I enlisted the boys help.  They had great attitudes about cleaning and were very helpful.  A neighbor, who's son is in Drew's class, called and invited the boys over to play for the day.  So wonderful!  The boys were excited to be invited to a friends house and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to really tackle the cleaning with out interruption. 

That evening we took the boys over to Caren's.  She had wrangled in a baby-sitter for us to share so we could go Night Golfing.  Night Golfing is AMAZING!!!  It's a genius fundraiser for the PTA.  You buy into a scramble and are given glow in the dark golf balls.  The flags all have glow sticks on them as well as glow necklaces in the hole.  Players all wear glow necklaces as well so you can see where one another are. 

Caren and I were on a team with our friend Melissa.  We were short a player but lets be serious....we weren't actually players anyway.  Melissa could wail on the ball and better then she thought.  She constantly kept hitting her ball into the team ahead of us.  This had Caren and I in stitches!  That and Melissa's crazy golf cart maneuvers.  Aaron reported being able to hear my cackle across the coarse.  (I really did not want that to bust out yet.  I had hoped to ease my new friends into it...poop.)  The only bummer was that we had a hard time ever catching up with the Beer Cart girl.  When we would, she never had what we were wanting to order or she was out of credit card slips.  I think we encountered her all of two times.  When we caught up with our husbands we learned that they were on their 4th round.  Mm hm.  Now we know where the Beer Cart girl was all night.  Doh! 

Regardless it was an awesome night!  I found that the Happy Gilmore approach to golf worked much better for me then the traditional method.  Also bowling.  Bowling a golf ball into the hole is scads more effective then putting.  Best night ever.

Our housewarming Saturday went wonderfully!  We had at least 20 people over....maybe more.  One of Gabriel's buddies from school came and so he was on cloud nine.  I nearly burst into tears when my old high school chum, Sarah, showed up.  It was so good to see her and her Littles.  Most everyone there were people that Caren and Kevin had introduced us too.  I found myself thanking God again for such an awesome neighbor and friend. 

I had my painting out on the easel, pushed into a corner of the "formal" dining area.  I have been peeking in on it for a week trying to feel comfortable with it.  I had not quite been ready to hang it up but it was a good filler for the sort of empty dining area (no chairs) and so I left it out there.  I got a lot of feed back on it.  Caren relayed to me what others had said about it.  People really like it.  Hm.  Maybe it's not so bad after all. 

This morning I sat in front of it with a cup of coffee, still trying to feel "right" about it.  Something was just not quite right...  Finally it hit me and I grabbed my paints again.  With a few quick strokes here and then there....  Yes.  That's about right.  I carried her down stairs and hung her on the wall above the couch. 

She is finally comfortable and has a home.

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