Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gadgets and Gizmos!

I am sure you have noticed that my blog has had a Spring Time Makeover.  Even though I live in The Land That Gets Snow At Easter, there are still signs of Spring showing up and I am Twitter-painted! 

I'll give you a quick tour of all the bells and whistles!

Most noticeable is the new bright and cheery back ground.  Makes you want to run through a field of wild flowers, doesn't it?  Or put on sunglasses...too bright?  Across the top of the page, tickled by the blades of grass, are newly added Tabs.  I thought it would be a nice way to display some of my art with out cluttering things up.  Another friend also suggested a recipe tab maybe with some of the treats the Baking Day Ladies and I make.  What do you think?  Any other things you'd like to see there?

Down the right hand side of the page you will see a Blog List.  These are blogs that I like to check out.  I highly recommend you take a peak at my friends blog, April Mae Creative.  She is an amazing photographer down in the Houston area.  Fabulous work!  Check it out!

Under that are my most Popular Posts of the month.  (I didn't like my overall most popular.  For some reason the blog on our first day of house hunting gets tons of hits.  Just weird.)  To the right of that is a little graph and count of the blogs Total Page Views.  Below that is my Blog Archive.  You can peruse the titles there for things you may have missed if you are a new comer to the blog.

Below the Popular Posts is the About Me (which most of you personally already know all about) and below that are my Followers.  There is a tab there that says "Follow."  If you click that you will be listed as a Follower.  You won't get e-mail notifications or anything like that.  It will enable you to comment directly on the blog.  My blog averages 40-50 page views a post.  I know the 11 people listed are not re-reading my stories 4-5 times each...  Who are you creepers?

The real fun is at the bottom of the blog.  These gadgets are for you!  There is of course a place to comment.  There are little tabs to click if you would like to share my blog on your Facebook page, Twitter, or e-mail.  The share tabs are also available on my Tabbed pages. So if you don't want to share my whole Story of the Day but really want to show Aunt Bea the rocking chairs I've painted you can just share that page with her.  Wa-la!  There is also a place where you can share your Reaction without having to make a full on comment.  I think you can even do that if you are not an official Follower.  Same with sharing.  I think.

I did have a Feedjit feature and removed it.  If you have been on this past week you may have seen a list to the right that showed where people were from that were reading the blog.  I removed it for a couple of reasons.  One is because I had a friend who just got hooked to my blog.  She said she would love to go back in the archives and catch up on my stories but then realized that everyone would see this same city and state popping up over and over and over like a crazed stalker.  Good point friend... ;)  The other is because I noticed that some people have blocks to it anyway and so it doesn't really show where all the readers are from.  The blog got 9 hits from China this week.  Wild huh?  But it never showed on the Feedjit.  Neither did my faithful Austrailian.  :* (Kiss to you kid!)  I really wanted that feature to see all of the different flags but...alas. It was futile.

So, there you have it!  As always your feedback is welcome.  Like it.  Hate it.  Love it.

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