Friday, April 29, 2011

Mad Hatters

I do love to dress up and accessorize!  Hats are a fun and daring addition to an outfit.  Aaron has twice been invited to the Kentucky Derby and has twice turned it down due to interference with our oldest sons birthday celebrations.  This was particularly disappointing to me because I really wanted to sport a fancy hat!  A neighbor recently invited us to a Kentucky Derby party.  Alas...I will be unavailable for that one too.  (The invite said nothing about hats but I was going to take full advantage of the theme!)

This morning, on, they have a photo album of some of the wild hats that were donned at the Royal Wedding.  It's all so My Fair Lady!  I have that little song playing in my head as I peruse the photos.  (Wish I knew how to add music to this thing..) You have to check out the full link here:,,20395222_20485864,00.html

Here are some highlights:

Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
These are the...lovely...Princess Beatrice and Eugenie.  Eugenie is the one in the Scarlet O'Hara looking gown.  Wow!  I feel bad for whoever had to sit behind her.  At least there are plenty of peek-a-boos through Beatrice's hat.  She looks like she just arrived from Who-ville.
Trust me, TOTALLY hot!
I imagine Eugenie and Beatrice had a conversation similar to that above.  The Beckhams know how to do it though!  Thank you Posh Spice.  (She's certainly never been known as Smiley Spice.)  And thank you David just for being alive.  He could've arrived in his soccer uniform and it would've been quite fine.  I dig the top hat.  Hot! 
credit: PA/Landov
  Next up is Zara Phillips.  I think her hat is daring and chic.  It's also a little Star Trek-ish but I still like this hat very much.

Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty
 Introducing Princess Letizia of Spain!  She went classic and elegant.  I like the dress, the hat and that it all matches her lips.

credit: Bauer/Griffin
 I am mostly including this next one in the hat parade because she is Princess MICHAEL of Kent.  I had no idea!  I love it.  And her hat is very nice.  Nothing too crazy but very nice and very regal.

Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
 Lady Frederick of Windsor aka Sophie Winkleman.  This hat is very similar to Zara's but I think I like this one better.  Very modern and sleek.  Not to mention she herself is a beauty!

credit:Chris Jackson/Getty
 Oh Lord.  I think the mink really gives it a Someone Was Playing Dress Up In Mum's Closet feel.  And Tara Palmer-Tomlinson, there in the blue....sigh.  Her hat looks like it can open giant beer bottles.  At least it is useful.

credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
 This was Harry's date, Chelsy Davy.  Harry, she bares a strong resemblance to Lindsay Lohan.  Be leery of this one.  I am disappointed in her hat.  Her pallor could use some color and she could have nabbed it from her lid.  Instead she is washed out.  The hat actually looks like it is a small bowl wrapped in aluminum foil.  I can appreciate that maybe she was trying to be understated...
Pacific Coast News
The best is last!  This is everything perfect!  The make up, the dress and of course the HAT!!!  This is Meriam-Gonzalez.  I don't know who she is but she is everything stunning and spectacular!  She is an inspiration.  Oh the gloves!!!  She may have out done the bride...

credit: Pascal le Segretain/Getty

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