Thursday, July 7, 2011

High on Grandma

It's High on Life Thursday!  Today I am High on Grandma.

Rarely a day goes by that I don't think of my Grandma.  I see something she would like or do something that she does or can guess her advice in various situations.  We talk often but this past week I kept thinking of her but never made the call.  Finally this morning I had a minute and gave her a ring.

We gabbed about the latest happenings in the news, the family, and movies we'd seen recently.  Last week a friend of mine and I went to a matinee and I thought of Grandma.  She and her girlfriends often go to matinees.  They are an old love as many of the tales she tells involve going to movies with her friends when she was young.

Grandma and her friends have been close for decades!  I always ask her about them and want to hear about their health and families too.  We laugh at how the oldest of the group is the most fit.  Good genes that one.  She's 90 years old and still goes to Jazzercise 3 times a week. 

Also bathrooms make me think of Grandma.  I know that's weird but she travels a lot and I tease her that she always makes note of the bathrooms of the various places she's been too.  She'll tell me of some cathedral that she visited, "but what was really interesting was the bathroom!  It had carpeting inside...isn't that strange?"  Or some sort of comment like that.  So when I am out and I find myself noticing the bathroom I have to laugh at myself and then I make a note to be sure and mention it to her.

Grandma loves to travel and has taught me that you should not just visit other places but take advantage of where you live.  "Be a tourist of your home town."  It always amazes her at how little people know about the museums, historical monuments, or national parks in their own city.  When I lived in Dallas I made sure to visit the 6th Floor Museum, the original Neiman's and the like because I heard so many natives of the city say that they had never been there.  "Then when people come to visit you," she told me, "you will know all of the great places to take them!"

This morning she and I talked about the shooting that happened just two doors down from my mom, the weather (severe drought situations!), her besties and my husband.  She loves Aaron (sometimes I think more than her biological grandchildren) but we laugh about him a lot!  She also encourages me to be supportive of him and points out all of the ways that he shows his love for me.

After calls like that I am so filled with love, joy and pride.  She is a fabulous lady and I pray for many more visits, trips and phone calls with her

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