Sunday, July 24, 2011

"...Or Are We Dancers?"

This week I solicited some help with my dancing.  I would practice the routine and knew what I was supposed to do but when I would spin I would bobble and then be off on my count.  I called my friend Rende who has had years of experience in dance and movement.  She is a Pilates instructor and is presently studying the Franklin Method.  Both Pilates and Franklin are about moving your body the way it was made to move.  Franklin applies visualization to get your body to move how it should.  That is my very raw, very layman translation of these very complex practices.

Rende came over on Thursday morning and began by getting me in tune with my body and getting it to move how I asked it to.  We then watched the video of the most recent dance routine I had learned.  Rende was a quick study of it (as I knew she would be) and she set to work on helping me with my technique.  Her tips and using visualization really helped!  It was just what I needed.  We danced for over 3 hours.  It was so fun and I felt much better about my next rehearsal.

My house guest has left, the local yokels are either out of town or working and so this week has been a particular drag.  My kids are bored and I am bored so having the dance to work on has been great for me.  To break up the monotony in my kids day we have taken to "swimming" in the hot tub.  The kids love it.  We don't turn the heat on and I let them "man" the jets as they care to.  In the mean time I sit in the shade of the patio and read or lay out and get some sun.  It's been a little life saver!

The book I'm reading is called Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner.   It's about a mother-daughter relationship.  The mother is a writer.  She had previously written a book about her life that had some people upset.  Though the book was fiction, she gleaned most of the tale from her actual life.  Those who recognized themselves in the book were angry that their business had been aired.  That's been the biggest reason I have not written a novel.  (As if it would actually get published.) But I have not even ventured to try because I know people would recognize one another.  It would be a really good book though....  I try to figure out how could I twist it up enough with other people's stories enough to not make certain people or even ME seem obvious. 

Blech.  Forget it. 

I have started a collaboration with another friend who writes and so maybe that will be the key.  It's nothing like I ever write or even rarely read as it's a sci-fi/fantasy sort of thing.  Crazy huh?  It's been surprisingly fun, though we are just in the beginning phases of it all. 

Yesterday's dance rehearsal went much better than the first.  We learned the rest of the routine and it's super hot!  I love it!  It's the dance for the song Buenos Aires.  It's basically a big street party!  The choreographer wanted to record it for at home practice.  She and her husband danced and she asked for my partner and I to dance with them as well for the recording.  This was both scary and WOoHoO!  We must not be doing too badly if we are in the "training video."  Ha!  Rehearsal was much more fun this week.  *Wink to Rende.*

I dreamt last night that I made french toast.  I whisked the milk, eggs, vanilla and cinnamon together and added a tablespoon of orange juice to it.  When I woke up I had forgotten about it until my kids asked for breakfast.  I decided to make my "dream french toast" but we were out of orange juice.  I think I've made it that way before...surely I did not just dream that up.  Literally.  I looked it up on  I love dream analysis!  Apparently to dream of French Toast means that you are happy and content in your present life and to dream of orange juice means that you have a positive out look on things.  So there you have it! 

The current state of things is French Toast and Orange Juice.  I just keep on dancing through life.

Shout out to my reader in Kenya!  I am fascinated by my international readers.  Who are you?  Why aren't you blogging?  You must have absolutely amazing things to share!  It's gotta be more interesting then hot tubbing with your kids and reading...

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