Friday, February 25, 2011

Facebook Posts Explained

Facebook post: DRAAAAKE *@#$!

This morning I planned to volunteer at the school.  I let Drake out so the kids and I could suit up in the mudroom.  I gave the door an extra shove and locked it to be sure Drake did not push it open.  As the kids and I pulled away from the house we could see Drake at the fence watching us go.  Such a sweet sad face!

Poop.  I forgot to put on his boot....

Snow started to fall as I left the school at noon.  I already started figuring that I would put the cats away as soon as I got home so that Drake could come in for the afternoon.  Poor baby out in the snow.

When I pulled in the driveway I looked for Drake to come greet me at the fence, as is his custom.  However, Drake was no where to be seen.

Please tell me he did not get out.  Then another thought came to me: Is he in the house? 

I tried to remember how the morning went.  I specifically remembered seeing his sad face as we pulled away.  He had definitely been left outside. 

All of this is going through my head as I open the door and...DRAKE!  He greeted me at the door.  He did not jump on me, happy to see me.  He came to me and licked me and then cowered on the floor trying to tuck his little nub tail under.

"Oh no.  You are greeting me with an apology?  This is not good.  How did you get in?  What did you do to the cats?"

His boot was nearby so I put it on him and he willingly went with me to be put out. 

"Oh this is bad...." 

The mudroom has two doors.  One to let you in from the outside and another to close it off from the basement living area.  I noted that the inner door was shut.  I opened it and checked the mudroom.  That door was slightly ajar.  I twisted the knob and it was locked as I was sure I had done.  I guess I did not close it all the way?  I thought I had pulled on it to test it.  I don't know how he opened it but he did.  I shut and locked it again and it was kind of hard to latch.  I hope he did not break my door. 

I went upstairs for a damage assessment:

One loaf of bread was half eaten and the Ziploc it had been in was shredded.  (Note to self: buy a bread box)
A box of cookies had also been polished and the container destroyed.
Someone had slept on the couch.  (No damage done.)
A feather pillow in my bedroom had been torn into.  Not happy!
Sinclaire was found roosting on the boys top bunk and Smee was hunkered down under my bed. 

No blood or fur.  Not bad.

Facebook post: I just slipped on ice.  That's gonna leave a mark.

After getting the house picked up from Drake's break in I prepared myself a hot cup of tea.  I looked out at the snow while the water heated up.  I noticed that Aaron had not covered the grill on the back patio.  I did not want it to get too much snow on it so I decided to go out and cover it. I took maybe two steps off of the steps and my legs completely came out from under me (I must've looked like a cartoon) and BAM!  I landed on my right side.

It hurt enough to make me nauseous which scared me and I thought about staying there on the ground for a good cry.  I was able to get up though and walk into the house.  My right arm feels like I've just lifted a bunch of weights: sore and heavy.  My right hip and thigh are going to have some deep bruising.  The purple kind.  Hot.  I don't know how I landed on my side but also hurt both of my hands.  They are just scraped and the arthritis that was already aggravated is enraged. 

I feel 100 years old.

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