Thursday, February 24, 2011

Honey Butter

The night of (what Kevin declared was) the first big snow of the season, we had a Raclette dinner at Kevin and Caren's.  The walk home that evening was magical.  The ground was thick with soft, dry snow.  The moon was full and lit our way home.  Aaron led the way, followed by Gabriel, Drew and then I picked up the rear.  We all walked in silence as if not wanting to break the spell. 

Coming down the hill I slipped and *poof* plopped down into the snow. 

Drew whispered, "Mom?  Are you OK?"

I was and we both quietly chuckled.  Later Drew slipped too (on purpose?) and we giggled again.  The blue light from the moon, the muffled earth, the softness of the snow...the moment seemed kissed by God.  It was a Honey Butter Moment.  So sweet!  So smooth.

Last Friday the kids were off from school.  I had asked the boys to please sleep in.  At about 6 a.m. Drew toddled into my room and climbed into bed.  I tried to ignore him and pretend that I was still asleep.

"Mom..." he whispered.  "Mom...which ocean is the deepest?"  He kept on asking.  "Are you awake?"

"Ug.  Yes.  Call Nana.  She knows weird stuff like that."  I dialed my mom and handed Drew the phone.  I was then wide awake but Drew and I just laid in bed together. 

As the sun crept in it revealed my slacker cleaning job.  Little bits of dust floated in and out of the sunbeam.

"They look like teeny tiny fire flies!" Drew sighed.

We laid on our backs watching the golden dust.  A strand of some sort of fiber went past and Drew pursed his lips and gave a soft blow.

"Blow the long ones, Mom."

So I did.  When it had been awhile since a "long one" had came through the beam we would raise our hands in the air and swirl them around like we were mixing a big bowl of wishes.  It was a lovely start to our morning.

Today, I've taken a "personal health day."  I ran a few errands and did fold a few loads of laundry but then I quit early.  I took a scalding hot and luxuriously long shower.  Afterwards I wrapped myself up in nothing but a big fluffy bath robe and curled up on my couch to read. 

It was like buttah.

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