Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Fun

Oh!  How I love fall!  I love the cool crisp weather, the colors and the festivities!  Bring on Oktoberfest, Halloween and Thanksgiving!!!

Last weekend we hosted a Beer and Cheese pairing party.  It was very fun and educational.  I found that I liked Guinness much better when paired with Mozzarella then with out.  A beer that stout does not need anything too fancy.  Also, Aaron bought a Banana Nut beer that was awesome!  We did not have a cheese to pair with it but it really did not need one.  So good...  (Pictures and details on pairings will be found under the Party Ideas tab later this week.)

Our weekly Pizza Night was turned into a Spooky Pizza Night!  At baking day I made scads of pizza dough so the kids could all make their own pizzas.  We had jars that were filled with various toppings and then labeled with creepy names, i.e. green olives are Frog Eyes, black olives are Tarantula Eggs, etc.  The kids had a blast.  There were calls down the table of "please pass the Vampire Vomit" and "I need more Spider Webs!"  Finally they ate something other then a plain cheese pizza or pepperoni pizza.  Yes! (Pics and details on this will also be under the Party Ideas tab....soon!)y

The rest of my week has been dedicated to putting together the odds and ends needed for my family's costumes and decorating Caren's house for her annual Halloween party.  It looks so great all in purple, black and orange!  I will reveal all of our costumes after the Holiday.  They are turning out great.
A painting I did for Caren's mantle

Yesterday we checked off our final thing on the List Of Things To Do Before Halloween and visited a pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins.  There were Go Karts, a corn maze, petting zoo, hay ride and the biggest field of the most variety of pumpkins and gourds that I have ever seen!

My heart is happy and so ready now for the next Holiday!  I have so much to give thanks for.

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