Tuesday, October 4, 2011

With The Grace Of A Chicken

Last weekend my brother's family and my friend Tiffany came in to town.  I had three Evita performances (like every weekend) and hosted the cast party.  Many have asked "how do you do it?"

I do it with all the grace of a chicken with her head cut off.

Last week there were three mornings where I woke up sick to my stomach.  Friday was one of them.  The Bug was dancing and singing through the house, "It's my birthday!  It's my birthdaaaaaaay!"  I squeezed him and wished him a happy birthday and also asked him to stay out of the kitchen for the morning.  *stomach roll*

"Don't forget my special treats at school today Mama!"  Drew reminded me.

"I got 'em."

"Will you stay and have a special birthday lunch with me?"

"Not today Bub.  I have to finish getting the house ready for Uncle Isaac."

Since I had an appointment with the nutritionist that morning I needed to get myself ready as well.  I was looking for a new shirt of mine that I had not been able to find during the week, not in the clean or dirty piles of clothes.  I started to tear through all of my drawers, the floor of my closet, under my bed.  My stomach was getting worse and worse, then I stopped.

This is nuts.

I text Caren:

Sick to my stomach again.  I think it's stress.  I'm flipping out about a shirt!  I feel weak to ask it of you but if you can, would you help me today?

"Take a deep breath..." Caren says to me when we met up at the bus stop.  "What all do you have to get done?"

"I dont' know.  I mean, I know it's just...I have an appointment at 9 with the nutritionist, the house is pretty much done but I need to sweep, mop and vaccum, I have a picture at Michael's that I need to pick up....well, I guess I don't need to, but I want my house all ready for when my brother gets here!  There are a few more groceries to grab because the food for the party is going to be prepared ahead of time, I have some gag gifts for the party that I need to finish painting.  I have a stew in the crockpot for the family's dinner tonight but I need to make a salad...."

"Make a list.  Decide what really does need to be done and what I can help you with.  Text it to me, or at least what you want me to do.  It'll all get done!  Your problem is that you are trying to do it all at this Martha Stewart level.  It'll get done."

I headed to my appointment taking deep breaths and saying prayers of thanks for Caren and for Heaven's peace to be with me.

My appointment was stellar!  I lost 4 lbs!  That probably means I had really lost 2 lbs. the last week but the salty meals the day before weigh in effected the out come.  This was a short visit just to weigh in and see if that was indeed the case.  I left feeling light as a feather!

After buying groceries, I went home and began to make my list. 

Shoot!  I forgot to buy butane!

Caren was going to be watching the boys that evening while Aaron picked my family up from the airport and while I was at the theater.  She was going to help Drew make creme brule with his new kit he got from his Aunt for his birthday.  I text Caren about the butane.  As I looked at my list I realized that was really all the help I would need from her.  It felt great to go through and cross things off as I got it all done.

At 11 a.m. I ran Drew's birthday treats up to the school.  I had planned to just drop them off and then rush home to finish my list.  Drew's teacher does such a fun things on their birthday!  I got caught up in his special day and ended up staying about an hour.  It was so worth it and I still got everything on the list accomplished.

I got to the theater a little early Friday to hunt for a pair of missing flip flops.  One of the cast had lost her flips.  She had to leave the theater in her character shoes.  She loved them so, as they were perfectly broken in.  It was so wierd that they had seemingly vanished. 

After scouring the dressing room I found them stashed into a small opening that I could barely get my hand into!  I was so thrilled to have them!  I had been hoping to find them first and have a little fun with it.  I stashed the flip flops in my car.  They hardly struggled.

Friday night, when I got home from the show, the house was dark and quiet.  Everyone was already asleep.  Someone had done all of the dishes but the stew was still out.  I had a small helping and put the rest in tupperware.  When I put it away I found the salad I had made untouched.  Poop. 

I went to bed and laid awake, too wound up from the show and too excited to see everyone in the morning.  It was like Christmas Eve!  Early in the morning I awoke to the sweet sound of a little bird.  It was my niece who practically chirps when she talks!  Just a doll!  It's been over a year since I'd last seen her!  She is so big and smart and downright adorable.

That afternoon Gabriel had a soccer game.  Aaron went to pick my friend, Tiffany, up from the airport and then they met us at the soccer field.  Gabriel was great!  I had never seen him move so fast.  I think he really tried hard to impress his Uncle.  After the game I prepped some of the food for the party.  I made homemade cream cheese icing to go on a banana cake Caren had made for me to serve at the cast party.  I of course added too much powdered sugar and had to run to get more cream cheese to fix it.  (Why had I not just bought cream cheese frosting?  Ug.)  Then it was time to get ready for another show.  I made dinner reservations for my family and then headed off to the theater.

I was so excited because my family was finally going to get to see the show and because I had my friends flip flops!!!

As soon as I got there I wrote a note:

If you ever want to see your "precious" flippity floppity's again, await my instructions...

At various times during the show I would steal away to make another ransom note. We were all in stitches!  To add to the back stage antics this same gal missing her flops had brought a mustache that we were all posing in pictures with.  (See why I love this girl?)

Once home, after hearing my family's accolades, I continued to harass my friend.  Tiffany and I tied the flip flops together and put duct tape over where their mouth might be.  We took a picture and sent it from Tiff's phone to the owner of the footwear.

MICHAL, You gave yourself away with a Texas area code!  P.S. I hate you.

Doh!  I should've used my brother's phone...

Sunday we hit the ground running again.  I made a list of what needed to be done for my sister-in-law and Tiffany.  There is no way I would have pulled this off with out their help!  It worked our perfectly.  We reviewed the list and pulled out different pieces of serviceware and arranged tables with decorations and plates.  Everything was set!  All I needed to do was text them when the show was over and they would heat up the goodies and fire up the grill.  In between the party preparations we got a few more pics of the kidnapped shoes.  One had them hanging dangerously from the balcony and another showed them with a knife to their "necks."  I tried to get money or cookies out of this but this gal is tough.

After the show the cast headed to my house.  My home was teeming with nerds!  It was great!  We karaokied and I gave my friend her dang flip flops back.  Ha!

Monday I was exhausted!  I could barely stay awake.  While driving my brother to the airpost there was talk about whether or not my niece was going to be able to stay awake.  She got her pink blankey and took a little snooze.  I was so jealous...

Everyone is back at their homes.  After running errands I had a nice little nap today.  This is the last weekend of the show.  I have another friend coming in from MO to see me and I can't wait!  I can't wait for Friday when we all perform again.  Three more shows and then Evita will be over.  I'm looking forward to life going back to normal and I also dread it.

I'm signing off now.  Gotta go re-attach a chicken head.

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