Saturday, October 15, 2011

Part Of A Blanaced Breakfast

The thing about getting ready for school is that first thing each morning Mom and Kids are having to launch over one of the biggest hurdles of the day.  It would be nice to ease into things: have a cup of tea and a nice quiet breakfast, maybe watch the morning news.  It would be nice to wake up because you've had a full nights sleep and so you just can't sleep any longer. 

Instead an alarm blares and I hit snooze about 4 times before I finally open my eyes. 

"Time to get moving Bugs."  I sleepily call out while still laying on my pillow.  I peel myself out of bed and give another wake up call as I pass their room on the way to the kitchen.  I flip the tea pot on, fire up the computer and then shuffle back to my sons' room.

"Guys, I'm serious.  You've gotta get up.  It's a school day."

Moans and groans.

"I have to go to the nutritionist this morning so I've got to get myself ready too.  I need y'all to get dressed and get your own breakfast so I can take a shower."

They finally get moving.

"What can we have for breakfast?"  Drew asked.

"I set out some bagels and cream cheese for you.  They are already cut."

The boys are quite capable of making their own breakfasts and lunch but I am still usually the one to do it for them.  Drew for sure can handle his own in the kitchen.  Sometimes he will eschew the breakfast I'm offering, take out a pan and cook up his own eggs.  Just the other night I was making the family a green chili stew for dinner.  Drew walked into the kitchen, took out a spoon and started giving me tips on how to prepare dinner.

"Mom, I like your green chili stew but can I suggest a little less chili?  And could you add a little more garlic?"  he said while stirring the pork in the pot.

Typically I'm putting away dishes, signing off on homework and a few other things while making dinner.  I don't want the kids under foot while I cook.

"Buddy, when you are head chef of your own restaurant you can prepare your food however you'd like.  Right now I need you to get out of my kitchen."

I shooed him out and then minced another clove of garlic.  I mean, the kid kind of knows what he's talking about.  With this in mind, I showered and continued getting ready with very little concern for whether or not my sons could prepare themselves a bagel.

"Hey guys, we gotta go in ten minutes!  This is your time to get your shoes on, make sure your back pack is packed, grab a coat...."  I gave the last call warning as I walked into the kitchen to make my own bagel.  About that time Drew walked out of the pantry wearing nothing but a t-shirt and undies.  There is food all over his shirt and a little still stuck to the corner of his mouth.

"Drew Bug!  Why are you not dressed?  We are leaving in ten minutes!  Wash your face and get dressed for school."

"I don't feel so well..." he groaned, "My tummy hurts..."

Figuring this was just a ploy to get out of school I said, "Well...I guess I will have to cancel the party we are having tonight.  Can't have you playing with your friends and getting them all sick."

"Maybe we will.  I don't feel good."  As he said this I noticed a smudge of chocolate going down the side of his face like war paint.

"Buddy...were you eating chocolate?"




"Well, then why is there chocolate smeared on your face?"

"OK I have a confession..."


He lead me into the pantry and gestured to the second shelf.

"I just couldn't resist the frosting!"

On the second shelf is leftover canned frosting from when Uncle Matt made him a castle cake for his birthday.  They are like the cheez whiz cans.

"I mixed it with my grape nuts and bananas and it was soooo good but now my tummy hurts!"

We have a huge walk in pantry and Drew had set up a little picnic in the back of the pantry with his concoction.

"I'm sure it does Bug.  Get dressed.  You are going to school."

"But what if I get sick at school?"

"That's OK.  You're not contagious, just foolish.  Get dressed.  You now have about 5 minutes."

After my appointment with the nutritionist (please note the irony) I went to the school to volunteer in Drew's class. 

The front office clerk greeted me with, "Ms. McDowell, are you aware that Drew is laying down in the clinic?"

I marched into the clinic, dragged Drew off of the cot and down to his classroom.  He told his teacher and class about his faux pas.

"Ms. D, I know it's Fun Friday today but I think I'm going to pass on the treat..."

Lesson learned.



  1. hahaha...that is hysterical!!!

  2. Seriously hysterical! I am waiting for something like this to happen to Annie. She has no self control when it comes to sweets. We had a friend over the other day to decorate Halloween sugar cookies. They each got three (a pumpkin, a cat, and a ghost). After they were decorated they were allowed to eat one and then go play outside. While I was visiting with the other mommy Annie ate the other two. They were not super small cookies either. I was hoping she'd get a stomach ache...but no such luck.