Monday, December 12, 2011

Drake's Party Part 2

This morning Drew did so good getting ready.  He used a new chart that I had made him to help him stay on task.  He made himself eggs for breakfast.  Aaron had apparently emptied the trash this morning.  He removed the trash bag from the can and placed the full bag in the corner of the kitchen.  Why he can't get it down to the garage is beyond me.  He also failed to re-line the can.  Drew tossed every broken shell into the can assuming it was lined.

(First mess of the day for me to clean up.)

On the way to school we saw 6 turkey's crossing, 4 elk a grazing, one goat standing on his hind legs, and a partridge in a pear tree.  OK, not the partridge or the pear tree.  Now THAT would've been something!

When I got home I noticed that Drake was not in the yard.  This usually means that he got cold and let himself into the house.  Sure enough, when I walked in Drake greeted me.  He was ashamed for the breaking and entering, nub tail tucked, ears and head down.

" know better!  It's your special day though, so you can stay in with mom!"

I headed up the stairs and noted this at the top of the landing:

"Drakers!  Bad dog!  This is Gabriel's Halloween candy!  Oh...and it's chocolate..."

And then I saw this:

"DRAKE!  Outside!  Now!"

I opened the door and he ran right out.  I don't know who I was more aggravated with, the dog for getting into the trash, my husband for leaving it out, or me for not taking it down myself on my way out the door.

I assessed the rest of the house:

The empty ziploc was full of Caren's home made Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti that I had planned on mailing to my Grandma.  There was also a partial pound cake that is now missing.  The blanket is from my couch that he is NOT supposed to get on and was either used to try and clean up his mess or to cover it up.  Miraculously, the gingerbread house was untouched.

Aaron IM'd me to see how the morning went.  After I told him EXACTLY how my morning went I added:

"If you are ever wondering why the house never seems to get better, why the same messes are in the same places when you get home, it's because of days like this."

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