Monday, December 12, 2011


One year ago today the boys and I were at a birthday party while Aaron drove out to the Boulder Humane Society to adopt Drake.  Never in my life have I felt for a dog like I do this one.  I don't know if it's because he is so darn big or because he is such a lover but this dog has completely won my heart!

He is a rascal and has given me loads of trouble.  I don't know how many dog beds he's eaten, cats he's threatened, deer he's chased, or children he's made cry but the hearts he's invaded far out weigh his naughtiness.  We hired him a personal trainer, Christine, who has worked wonders with him and has become a friend to our family as well.

Not everyone is as fond of Drake as we are.  Poor Sinclaire felt betrayed enough to move out.  She seems to be as happy with her new family as Drake is with his!

To celebrate one year with Drake the kids and I threw him a Gotchya Day Party. 

Drake with his party hat on
 It was to be a small affair but grew into a full blown bash!  Several of Drake's friends (both human and canine) came out to celebrate.  His trainer, Christine, came with her three dogs and Caren and her girls came with The Rowdies.  There were 6 dogs in all!  Our sweet friends Melissa and her kids came out as well but Mel said her dogs were too old for parties.  Poor pups. ;)

Drew and I made cupcakes for the dogs.  We used the meat log that we buy for Drake in the refrigerator of the pet aisle.  They were frosted with peanut butter and had a Pupperoni dog treat in the middle as a candle.  We also got Frosty Paws dog ice cream!  To serve these to the pack with out causing a huge dog fight, we served each dog one at a time in the house.  It went very well! 

Leave it...
 Drake got fun dog gifts from his guests and we sent them home with a little chew toy for a party favor as well.  The humans got cake too, thanks to Aaron's leftover birthday cake! 

It was such a fun day!  My boys are already talking about next year's Gotchya Day.  Uh-oh...  What have I started?

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