Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nearing Full On Mountain Woman Status

Aaron and I saw a mountain lion!  (I think the experience increased my Mountain Woman status a few notches.)  The family was on our way home from a band concert when the gorgeous creature passed in front of our car.  It was fast but Aaron and I had an unobstructed view of it.  They are quite large...  On it's hind legs, Aaron guessed it would stand at 7 feet.  I feel like that's a bit of an exaggeration but when I talked to other Mountain Folk they said it was not an unreasonable assessment.

I have hoped to see a mountain lion and a bear.  I hoped to see both while driving or through the window of my house.   Check and check.  I was most happy to see the lion while in the car.  Seeing that in my yard would not have been so pleasant...  Though it was miles from my home, it has unnerved me a bit.

I've always known they were out there and have heard of sightings in the hood but to see one yourself and in action...  My nerves are a tad shaken. 

That night when we got home, I found myself a little creeped out about getting out of the car and walking up the drive into the NIGHT!  Eek!  They could be out there watching us!  On another evening I found that I had left my phone in the car.  Also, the car was parked in the half way point in the driveway.... 

"Babe, I left my phone in the car."


"Well...would you mind getting it for me?"

*Quizzical look*

"It's dark."

No response.

"The mountain lion has me a little spooked...."

"Go get your phone."

I grabbed a flashlight and my car keys.  As I walked down the driveway I clicked the lock on my remote entry keys so the lights would flash on and off.  Once to my car I dove in and quickly retrieved my phone.  The heebie jeebies took hold of me as I slammed the car door shut and...

"Eeeeeeeyaah!"  I screamed as I ran for the front door.

See.  Mountain Woman status: up.

Sort of.

The Drew Bug has been sick this weekend and as I type I am starting to feel the evil booger creep over me.  NoooOooOooOOoOoo!  Poor little Bug threw up twice.  If I'm lucky I'll get that part too.  Little pre-holiday weight loss...  On second thought: I don't really have the strength for it.  Beginning to find even typing exhausting...


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