Friday, August 20, 2010

Meet the Teacher or Get Over It or I'll Throw You Over It

Well, the boys had their meet the teacher this morning. They do it a little differently here. Sort of like the huevos rancheros I had at a "Mexican" restaurant the other night. I kid you not the red sauce was MARINARA! It was so wrong!

The school is different too but not "wrong" like the huevos rancheros. Here, for meet the teacher, you drop your child off at 9 a.m. and pick them up at 11:30. During this time they get to meet their other classmates, put away their supplies and learn about bus loading and such.

When I registered Gabe there were some bumps that I did not expect to occur. The GT program here tests on more then what they do in TX. So they do not have enough information on him to allow him into the program. The TX scores did give enough info to put him in an Advanced Learning Program though so...that's nice. I'm trying not to be too upset by this. He had such a difficult time with school last year and the only thing he enjoyed was his GT class. He will be tested here in October. They will get the results in January but he will not begin the program (if he passes) until the following year. ( that I think about it I need to clarify if that is the following calendar year or the following school year... I think it means the next school year though. Which sucks.) Because of all that though, I was told when we registered that he would have Ms. Creel but when we got to the school this morning they had switched him to a new teacher.

The switch had me confused. I knew he was not going into GT but I thought Creel was the Advanced Learning part.... So I met with the very awesome principal of the school who was able to explain the whole thing to me.

"I know you don't know us yet but trust us. We very much care about the placement of each student here and he will not be overlooked and will certainly not be bored."

The school is excellent in that since it is smaller they are able to let those who are running academically to do so in the areas where they excel. In the places they don't they can move at the pace needed there. So that will be great for both boys. Also the GT program here is advanced academics not just extracurricular. The GT program in TX was more like an Odyssey of the Mind type of thing.

Drew is skipping K and going into 1st this year. His Transition class at his pre-school has him well prepared to do so. I am already impressed with the worksheet he brought home today. He is doing so well with his reading!

I was told to pick up the boys at the front of the school which was jam packed with parents and so I parked away from the school, a bit up the hill. I saw Drew right away. He loved everything about it! He made a new friend named Taylor and said that his favorite part was doing the school work. Excellent!

Since Gabe was not out, Drew and I headed in to find him. His classes are in portables so I thought he may be waiting there. We ran into him just inside the door.

"We need to talk." Gabriel said.

"Well, ok. How was it? Did you like it?"

" was kind of boring. I just put all of my supplies away AND you did not have all of my supplies!"

"I'm sorry about that but that is because I bought the supplies on Ms. Creel's supply list instead of your new teachers list. Was it fun though? Did you meet some new friends?"

"No. They kept me so busy I did not have any time to meet anyone. I was very upset that you were not out front to pick me up! I came outside and you were not there, so I went to Drew's class and it was empty. Then I went to the front desk and they made an announcement on the loudspeaker and you still did not come so then they walked me out and I saw you and Drew."

"Well, I'm sorry that it upset you but had you stayed outside with all of the other students, you could have waited for me with your brother, whom I found right away."

Gabriel continued to ride me about the supplies and not picking him up right away.

"Listen Bud, I have already told you why the supplies were not right. When I came to pick you up there were lots of other parents here too and so I had to park up the hill and walk down to get you. I was on time and where I should be. YOU should have been outside. Get off my case. Who wants lunch?"

In conclusion: Not the best morning I've ever had. The kids are at one of the top 10 schools in the state of Colorado so I know they will be getting the best to be offered. It WILL be a great year. I think Gabriel is determined not to like school. I'm determined to make him like it. I will prevail! *raises one fist high*

And now I need to right a letter to the restaurant serving Huevos Italiano.

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