Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Weekend Update

We are winding up a full weekend. Friday carpet was installed. I was worried for Theodore since it was his first full day home after his previous little escapade. Having a house full of strangers hammering and such was probably not going to bode well. He kept running nervously all over the house and then finally settled into a chair to nap.

That night the boys and I had plans to try and see a meteor shower. I set my alarm for 2 a.m. When it was time I tried to wake the boys up. Gabriel popped right out of bed. Drew moaned something about bears being out there and went back to sleep. Drew did have a point. The viewing instructions I read said they would best be seen with no residual light.

Gabriel and I stood outside of our sliding glass doors looking out into the pitch blackness and decided we would watch from inside. So we sat down on the floor in front of the sliding glass doors and waited for our vision to adjust to the darkness. The stars here are bright! We could see tons of them and decided to ask Santa for a telescope. We sat there for awhile and then Gabriel said, "The cats are sitting on the stairs looking at me."

"I would be more concerned about what's watching you from out there." I teased, gesturing to the dark wilderness just past our patio.

A few minutes later Gabriel asked, "Mom...what's that?"

I thought he was trying to tease back but then I saw the shadowy form just to the left of our door. I sat up a little straighter so the chills could run down my back with more ease. The shadow got up and walked right in front of us and looked at us! The shape was then recognizable as a fox! It was just two feet away from us!

Gabe and I jumped up, screamed and grabbed a hold of each other. We started to head down the stairs and ran into Aaron who heard the ruckus and was coming up to investigate.

That's what REALLY happened. Gabriel told everyone the next day that when we saw the fox I screamed. He said "Calm down mom. It's a fox." HARDLY!

We went back to bed but I woke up to the sound of poor Theodore falling down the stairs. When I found him he was on his feet at the foot of the stairs but he was not moving. I ran my hands over his body, examining him. He did not move for several more minutes. I carried him upstairs. He has not been the same since. He started pacing the hallway, turning at our bedroom door, running back down to the dining room and turning at the table. Sometimes he mixes it up a little with a trot around the island in the kitchen. When he does lay down it is with difficulty. His legs twitch like a dreaming dog only he is not asleep. He's also taken a turn at biting everyone in the family. Even Smee is staying clear.

So, we sat the boys down and told them the vet would be coming out Monday and very likely he will be put down. He's too old and this is just not a good environment for him. He has not been quite right since his Night Out and the fall down the stairs has somehow injured him or knocked something loose in his Thinker. They have shed some tears and Gabriel was especially upset that we never had a birthday party for Theo. He asked that we have cupcakes that look like him to celebrate that he is in a better place. Of course I said yes. *sigh*

Today we went out to meet some old friends for a little rock climbing and fishing. Before heading out I got the happy picture message I had been waiting for!! My niece, back in the arms of her mother who had returned from Kuwait!!! Our hero! My niece was wearing a little sailor dress that my Grandmother had made me when I was about her age. It fit her perfectly! I bet my Grandma never dreamed that her great Granddaughter would be wearing it to greet her Navy mother home from war.

Our friends were climbing when we got there so we got the kids set up for fishing. Fishing pretty much consisted of the boys casting and reeling, casting and reeling, casting and reeling. I did not climb but Aaron did. It was his first time but he was a natural! We were all so impressed. He was a quick and a very intelligent climber. He's hooked so I'm sure it will be something we will do again.

When we got home Theodore was running his "Crazy Lap," as I am now calling it. Poor senile thing. This will likely be his last night with us.

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