Monday, August 23, 2010

Three Cheers for the First Day of School!

Today is the first day of school!!! Drew woke up so excited. He got ready way early and kept saying "Don't I have a great attitude today mom? I'm in such a good mood!"

Gabriel, however, did not wake up so nicely. He was mad because he wanted to get up before the sun so he could play awhile before school. He kept saying "I had terrible sleep last night." Poor bud...

Aaron went into work late today so that he could see them off to their first day of school. He video taped Gabriel's first day and so he did not want to miss Drew's! (Thank you baby! You are such a great Daddy!)

It was finally time to go and the boys headed out down the hill. They stopped a few times to pick long grass to feed our neighbor's horse. My heart was full again, just so happy for my sons that they get to walk down a dirt road on a cool morning, feeding a horse as they wait for the bus! What a great experience!

I tried to get a picture of them by the bus stop sign but Drew kept dancing about.

"Do you need to go to the bathroom?" I asked.

"YyeeEEeesssSS!" he said as he wiggled about.

"Well hurry up and do it here before the neighbor girls get here!"

So he pulls his pants down and I try to protect him from being seen in case a car was to drive by or something. Gabriel whipped his little monster out too and everyone is peeing when....what's that sound? Sounds like a bus is approaching! I hurry and pull Drew's pants up, Aaron is exasperated by the whole thing, I'm cracking up and Drew is already shouting to the bus driver "Hi! We're the new kids in town!"


"What about the girls?" Aaron asked.

"They probably decided to ride to school with their mom." I guessed.

The boys boarded the bus. I met the driver and he gave me a form I'm to fill out and give to him when the boys come home from school. Then they were off!

I turn around to head back to the house with Aaron, when my neighbor and her daughters come flying down the hill! Even under fire Caren looks beautiful with her skirt flapping around her legs and her hair blowing back. The girls are the picture of Back to School posters with their new clothes on, hair in place and back packs.

"Oh no! I should've held the bus! I just figured the girls rode in with you."

"It's OK," Caren said "the driver will come back around for us."

This is a great bit of info! If we are running behind I need not ever panic too much. So I waited with Caren and the girls to catch a glimpse of the boys on the bus. Drew was in the window smiling ear to ear and waving! He is going to have such a great year!

After Caren and I got the kids off, I rode with her to the school for the Boo Hoo Breakfast that the PTA sponsored. Caren had made dozens of homemade muffins! They were delish... (I'm never going to lose weight with her as a neighbor. Realtors should really inform you of things like that.)

When we got to the school I saw the boys lined up for their classes so that was kind of cool! I don't think Drew noticed me but Gabriel did. He could not find his line so I helped him get to the right class and then went on to eat muffins.

I met two really nice ladies there. One is an adorable endocrinologist (or something like that) who is also new to the school. She moved up from the burbs. The other is a great lady from Texas!! (Woo hoo!) She moved here about a year ago. Both gals were talkers and friendly and I hope that we will get to know each other more.

After cleaning up the Boo Hoo Breakfast, Caren and I went home and toasted the new school year with mimosas. Ahhhh! So good!

I did not boo hoo at the breakfast. I never expected to. I love to see my children grow and become all that they are meant to be! I am excited about having the days to myself though I'm not quite sure yet what I will do with them. I'm Drew's room mom so I think I will be pretty busy at the school and I hope to take an oil painting class. We'll see. Right now a cool breeze is blowing through the window. The house is quiet except for the sound of my cat purring as she weaves in and out from between my ankles. I could certainly get used to this!

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