Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You Can Dance If You Want To

Many of you have asked how my dance class went...Jimminy.

I walk in and it was just like the movies.  I wish I could remember the movie...seems like Antonio Banderas was in it...I don't know...but I walk in to wood floors with streamers hanging from the ceiling and these two elderly women taking a "group lesson."

My teacher is a young guy named James.  He does a great job and we quickly covered some basics and then moved on to the Argentine Tango.  He has some background in theater so that was good.  We covered 6 dances when he normally only covers 3 so I guess that's good.

I didn't feel like I knew what I was doing.  I couldn't even explain it to anyone but I was able to follow well so...there is that.

My audition is June 11 and if I get called back for a dance audition it will be June 14th?  I can't recall and quite frankly I don't want to.  I sweat every time I think of the dance audition.  I'm still not sure that I know what I'm doing with the singing aud.  I may be making a complete ass of myself but...Se la vie!

More dancing next week with a focus on the Argentine Tango.

I made my audition appointment yesterday.  I had to post which role I was auditioning for.  I sat for a long time with my head in my hands before finally typing out "Eva Peron."  It felt very presumptuous and scary! 

Conquering fears makes me feel high on life.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I often sit in front of the computer, about to submit myself for an audition just praying that I'm not going to be laughed at when they see my picture and resume. But, yeah, that feeling of saying, "So what? This is what I want." and hitting SEND is something of a victory and an affirmation that what you want is important. I have a little magnet with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: "Do one thing every day that scares you."

    Well, I don't usually have an opportunity to scare myself every single day, but whenever I AM scared, I think of that. After all, these aren't TRULY scary things. Living in a war torn land, that's scary. Being in a hostage situation, that is scary. Signing up for an audition, that's not really that scary. Stop being a weiner and do it. That's what my magnet would say. And I do say that to myself. Often.

    I do have to give Eleanor credit though. I was often scared at AMDA. I was afraid of being older than everyone and not being able to stand out. I was afraid of looking like someone who missed their window of opportunity. I was afraid of wasting our money. I was even afraid of wishing for something in the depths of my heart and having it not come true. I felt like I would look like a fool, even to myself, for daydreaming about a part I wanted or even a life I wanted.

    But everyday, I faced those fears and did the very best I could, rehearsing more, researching more, demanding more from my scene partners than I knew any of the 20-somethings were. And it paid off. I was a stand out, not because I'm really more talented, but because I trusted my instincts when I worked and because I worked very, very hard. Facing my fears everyday put me in a comfortable place with being scared. Now being scared is an old buddy of mine and being scared means something awesome might happen.

    Go 200% for this audition, Michal. When you're standing in front of them. forget all it took to get you there. Don't live in YOUR story anymore. Don't worry about how it's going to go. Become the character. She isn't scared. The audition room doesn't exist, the panel doesn't exist. See what she sees. Take a breath and let the room transform. The only people in the room are the people she is talking to. Rehearse taking that transformation breath. Rehearse getting into character. Never apologize for doing what you need to prepare. And then do it. Let 'em have it.

    There is nothing like dropping into someone else's experience. And if this is the only time you get to drop into Eva Peron's experience, then make it a good one. You can do it.

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  3. Sounds like a happening dance place:) I think it is beyond fun you are auditioning… and for sure a high:) Thanks so much for linking up today!

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  5. I love to dance but now I just watch.
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