Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The State of Things

Since March I have not been feeling well.  Basically, more mornings then not, I was waking up nauseous and weak.  (No, I'm not pregnant.  Not possible.)  I have felt this way before and I recognize it as a blood sugar imbalance.  Difference being that I have never had it so regularly.  It would be once every few months or something, not 4-5 days a week.  I had an appointment with my OB/GYN awhile back about a lump in my breast.  (See Oh Mammy!)  Turned out to be nothing, but I mentioned the blood sugar issue while there.  So he took some blood and tested various things that all came out normal.  He then directed me to my general physician.  My GP read over my food diary that I had been keeping, pricked my finger with a glaucometer and declared that I was hypoglycemic and on a fast track to diabetes.

"You don't have diabetes but you will.  It could be in 10 years or it could be in the next 2-3."

There are meds that I could take for it but because of my youth he suggests diet and exercise.  He recommended South Beach (can you believe?  That's what I used to do!) and weight training (another old friend).  He prescribed that I lose 10 lbs and stick to a high protein/high fiber diet with little to no sugar.  He wants me to aggressively attack this and get things balanced again.  That reminds me...I'm supposed to call a dietitian today.  Boo.

"You might be able to avoid diabetes completely by doing this.  At the very least you can hold it at bay until you are closer to 70 years old." 


I really was hoping he would prescribe that I start each day with a loaf of bread or croissant.  Continue to gnaw on said bread all day until bed time. 

I can still have breads just whole grain and minimally.  I really loathe being restricted though.  REALLY.  But rules is rules and I need to get healthy.

First day of summer today.  We are going to start with cleaning the house.  I have a Tango class at 1 and then the Mountain Men will have Poker Night tonight while we ladies are at Book Club.

Still no word regarding auditions.  They are supposed to be sending me the materials of the songs they want to hear.  It's too bad really because Christina had arranged a real ball buster for me to do!  It's 10 days until auditions and I don't have the materials to rehearse with!  Grrr...


  1. WOW! I'll be praying about your health! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! My husband stopped drinking cokes about 2 years ago and has gone to mainly water. He commented the other day that now water is actually so refreshing it took him over a year to come to that conclusion but still. He has dropped over 50 pounds (he swims daily and plays soccer in a league).

    Can't wait to hear how the auditions go!!!!

  2. Thanks Shari. I have not been a soda drinker for years. Can't handle the caffeine. Isn't it mean that men can just quit drinking sodas and suddenly drop 50lbs? No fair!