Monday, September 19, 2011


Though I love to wear make-up and do my hair it feels so fabulous this morning to be completely au natural!  I'm on my cozy couch in jeans and a long sleeved shirt.  There is nothing on my face but moisturizer and my hair is a mess of tossled, product-free waves.  Ah!  So refreshing!  This will be me for the next four days and then it will be back to red salsa lipstick, false eyelashes, hair pins and aqua net.

Opening night of Evita went really well.  I never encourage folks to attend opening nights because they tend to be glorified dress rehearsals.  This night had it's typical glitches but the energy was great! We had such a fun and involved audience.  Applause to them! 

On Saturday, my oldest son had a double header in soccer games.  We sat in the cold and rain cheering him on, even though, God love him...not the greatest soccer player.  But The Boy loves it!  He is smiling while running around (kind of pointlessly) and he high fives his team mates when they score and helps up the fallen.  It was great to be sitting there with The Nug-Bug in my lap, husband at my side and my little David Bekham doing his thing.  The time with family was re-energizing.

Night two of the show was weak.  We all seemed off in Act I and the audience was "blah."  I felt like we redeemed ourselves in Act II but I'm not so sure the audience ever woke up.

Note to future audience members:  Evita is a hard show to respond to.  There is hardly any dialogue and often the songs move seamless of one another.  A good rule of thumb for an audience of any show is that if you like something APPLAUD!  Don't try to adjust to what's happening on stage.  Let the stage adjust to your applause, not the other way around.  Believe me, we would much rather hear your applause then not.

Last night's show was the best of the weekend!  I personally had a near perfect performance.  So close... The mistakes made are not things the audience will really even notice and so they become the funny bloopers that you get to see in the Out Takes of a DVD. 

I had a sneaking suspicion that my friend, Caren, would be there last night as she was avoiding me all weekend.  Not even a text. Thinking something was up, I was nervous to perform for the first time this weekend.  I tried to push it back because it would be really lame if I was nervous and then there was no one there.  After our first big dance number someone shouted my name.

Yep.  They're here.

My nerves bubbled a bit more and then simmered down by the time I made my costume change.  It was the wondering that had me nervous, not the knowing.  I was able to go through the rest of the performance relaxed. 

When the show ended I headed out to the lobby.  The first face I saw was Caren's oldest daughter.  She had a huge smile on her face!  Made my night!  I hugged her, her little sister and my friend Kathy's son, who I was very surprised to see there.  In fact many of my Mountain People came with their families yesterday.  Yea!  We went out for a steak dinner and wine.  Perfect.

When I returned home, my youngest was in the tub. 

"Mom!  I had a great time at football!"

"Awesome Bug!  Did you win?"

"Nope but I almost scored a touch down.  I ran with the ball and when they would come at me I would turn the corner on them.  I was like, 'You're not going to get this guy!' and I ran and ran and then some guy got my flag when I only had about 5 feet to go!"

"Man Buddy!  That sounds awesome.  I'm so sorry I missed it."

"Me too.  You will get to see me do it again sometime because I learned that I just have to keep turning corners to get away from those guys.  How was Evita?  Did you sing good?"

"It was great.  I was happy with my performance too.  No touch downs but close!"

Last night, I was laying in bed wrapped up in husbands arms.  I was warm all over.  And tired all over.  There was a light ache in my feet, legs, back, face and arms.  (Why my arms? Weird...) 

I'm so tired and so content. 

The Evita soundtrack kept looping through my head.  My body was ready for sleep but my mind was still running. 

Quiet you!  There will be plenty of time for all of that the next three weekends.

I love every bit of it.  I love rehearsals and hate when they end, even though I am ready to go and sleep at the same time.  I miss my family while I'm working and I miss my cast mates when I'm not.  During the day I'll be running errands, baking, cleaning and half my mind is in Argentina.  The whole cast has put in so much of themselves into this show.  The feedback I got from friends tells me it really shows.

On three separate occasions this weekend I was told I was made for, meant to be, or a natural on stage.  I have always felt that way but always thought it may be a grand illusion and I never knew other people could see that.  I think it's important for us to use our talents (no matter how small) that God has given us.  Just like any other part He's equipped us with, arms, legs,  He never intended for them to hang limp but to be utilized.  I sure wish I would've done something with what talent I do have earlier in my life but I'm glad I'm doing something with it now, no matter what the scale.  It just feels...natural.

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