Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh What A Knight

I never thought I would say it but...thank God it's Monday!  This weekend has been pack full of fun and work.  Fun work but, whew! 

Friday night: 

Evita performance followed by karaoke with my brother-in-law and his friends.  Rolled into the driveway around 1:30 a.m.  Guess who has two thumbs and is not a teenager anymore?  This lady!  In the a.m. I had a much needed appointment with my chiropractor, followed by a 3 mile walk and then Caren and I decorated a friends house for a special Vegas style high school homecoming party.

Saturday night:

I was so tired I contemplated guzzling down a cup of coffee.  Being reminded by friends of the detrimental results caffeine has on my body, I opted to splash water on my face and pressed on for another Evita performance.  This was our best yet!  Still so proud of us all.  After our fans let us leave (ha) I met my husband and BIL at an after party for Matt Hughes, MMA fighter.  I again met cheek to pillow at about 1:30.  Ug.

Sunday hurt a little more then Saturday but there was no rest for the weary.  While my BIL made an amazing Castle Cake for the Bug's birthday party, I decorated the house with banners I had worked on all week.  I also tried to finish making gauntlets and shin armor for his Knight costume that he was to wear at his party.  Unable to finish I brought the project to the show with me and managed to complete them while Eva died.  Good thing it's sort of a long scene...

Sunday night:

Evita performance.  My personal best but as a whole I don't think we were as awesome as the previous night.  My BIL and some of my gal pals came to see the show.  It was so fun to see them after!  We had a brief pow wow regarding the main production of the weekend, Drew-Bug's birthday party, and then headed to the house to get the party started!

I had a few more decorations to set up and changed into a Queen costume.  My King was in the backyard grilling the courtly grub we were to serve to the party goers.  I found Drew sitting on the trunk of my car, in full armor.

"Whatchya doing Sir Drew?"

"Waiting for my guests to arrive..."  and then seeing a friend walking up the drive, "Who goes there?!"

Drew's uncle bought armor, helmets and swords for the kids.  He arranged a battle field and had the kids fight in a medieval styled game of Capture The Flag.  The kids had so much fun!  It sounded and looked so authentic with shouts of CHARGE as they ran towards each other, foam swords thumping.

My friends/neighbors, Kevin and Caren arrived with their daughters.  Kevin rented himself a Black Knight costume and Caren a gorgeous Queen's gown!  It was such a fun surprise!  My son is so loved.

The kids had a great time trying to take down the Black Knight.  Kevin valiantly braved the onslaught of enraged mini-knights.  The rest of us enjoyed the revelry from the Royal Box. 

"Is this a rich kingdom or a poor kingdom?"  Caren asked, waving an empty wine glass to me.

"Ha!  I love it!  We are a rich kingdom indeed madame!"

Aaron grabbed a "goblet" for me as well and took care of Caren's empty glass.  One of my favorite lines of the evening, Caren!

Also making Drew's party extra special was that his teacher showed up!  She is a dear friend of ours and was at the Evita matinee.  Upon hearing of the party she schemed to crash it.  The kids loved it!  This lady is like a rock star to these kids.  When the party was over Drew was still talking about how cool it was that she came.

And then there were the Cousineau's!  Thank you so much Stacey for snap, snap, snapping such awesome pictures.  It was so nice to not have to try and do that at the same time as host. 
The kids all enjoyed a yummy dinner of drumsticks, sausage on a stick, fruit and bread.  They had so much fun ripping into the bread which looked so yummy to us adults until the kids touched it...  Ew.  Stacey was also sweet enough to pick up some Root Beer for the kids too so they could drink like medieval knights as well.  Rootskies all around!


There were no injuries.  No sick bellies.  No hurt feelings.  Just fun, fun, fun!   Thanks to all who helped me out this weekend.  Behind every great mom is an onslaught of amazing family and friends.

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