Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rave Reviews!

The last two weeks I have finally felt a change in my attitude towards this whole weight loss thing.  Or at least in my self-image.  I have felt lean and beautiful!  It's been so long....  One day at Caren's I stepped on her scale certain of a drop in weight.  Sure enough.  Two pounds down.

I knew it!

I was happy to go to weigh in with the nutritionist on Friday.  I practically skipped onto the scale.

"You are up a pound."

"Come again?"

While we sat in her office I watched her enter my weight into the computer.  I kept looking at that number, one number higher then the last time, and I swear to you that my pants suddenly felt too tight.  My belly began to bulge.  As this transformation from slender starlet to fat slob took place, I knew that it was completely irrational.  Really it's one pound.  The nutritionist reminded me that I ate salty food the night before and that can effect the numbers.  I go back this week just to weigh in to see if it was due to over eating or water weight.

Last nights performance of Evita was so fabulous!  Everyone did so well with everything across the board.  Our Eva was superb!  It was great!  So glad it was to a sold out audience who gave us a standing ovation, thank you very much.  After the show we meet in the lobby with our friends and family who came to see the show.

As I was milling about the lobby an older gentleman bee-lined for me.

"Oh I'm so glad I found you!"

A stalker.  I must've done really good!

"I was hoping I would see you because I just have to tell you..."


"That your..."

Dancing?  Singing?  Acting?

"...costumes are amazing!  That polka dot dress you wore was so beautiful and the way it moved when you danced was fantastic."

My dress moved fantastic?

"Oh thank you so much!"  I beamed,  "I will be sure to pass your compliments on to wardrobe.  They found amazing vintage clothes for us to wear.  They are so fun to wear!"

Standing ovation people and my costumes got rave reviews.  Ha!  I am very proud of my performance last night even though I did continue to dance when everyone else had stopped.  Another grand solo moment...  Hahahaha!

I have to take a minute to brag about my sons here.  I love my boys but I am not one of those mothers who thinks her children can do-no-wrong.  My sons are proud nerds, one is a little on the loud side, they can be whiners and have no athletic ability but their other talents far out weigh their short comings.  (If running like a girl is a short coming.)  They have been so understanding and supportive the last few months while their Mommy has been off playing make-believe with a bunch of folks they've never met.  I have left them with their (amazing) father many nights, including Pizza Night, or with a sitter, missed sport practices and games and I have only received one growl through the whole thing.  I also get rave reviews about them from their teachers, friends and sitters. 

While volunteering at the school the other day a classmate of Drew's approached me.

"Ms. Michal, I don't know if you give out Tickets at home but if you do I think you should give Drew one for just being himslef!" 

The class nominated him Most Positive.  *tear*  Yes, this is the same boy who repetedly ran from the bus stop last year and grumbled and growled the whole way home when he got off the bus.  This new attitude is in part due to bing more comfortable in CO and in school but also I must give credit to his amazing teacher, Julia, who has the kids check the negativity at the door. 

The week of the opening of Evita, my husband was out of town and I had rehearsals every night.  The boys had sitters for a week.  (We have one sitter named, Alex.  Speaking of her Gabriel says, "Alex is really great but she has a strange name for a girl." Um...really son?) After watching the boys one night Alex thanked me for allowing her to watch my sons.  "They never give me trouble.  It's so fun!"

One of my friends offered to watch the kids for me one evening.

"I won't get home until 11..."  I warned.

"No problem.  Let's just have the spend the night."

"Gabriel has soccer practice that evening..."

"I can take him to soccer."

"...and band in the morning..."

"I can take him to that too."

*Applause to my amazing friend!*

The morning after this mid-week sleepover, my friend called me to report to me about their night.

"Your sons are so hilarious!  They have beautiful manners and were such a joy to have.  My husband is usually not on board with having other kids over but he had so much fun with your sons.  They won him over completely."

Later I saw her husband.  "I had such a great time with your sons.  That Gabriel is going to be a Senator one day and I'm sure Drew will be running his own kitchen."

Our contractor was over the other day and his partner played "Nerf guns" with my boys in the basement while The Boss and I discussed the bathroom re-model.  They were laughing and having as much fun as if he was one of the neighbor kids.

My brother-in-law is in town this week and he had a friend over who made sure to compliment me on the boys.

"I have nephews about the same age.  I love 'em but I have to say your sons are amazing.  So well behaved and funny."

Thank you boys!  I'm so proud of you and that meeting you is a blessing to people.  Everyone can tell that you both have great purpose about you.  You are well mannered, smart, witty, (loud), beautiful, ambitious and loving...did I mention smart?

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