Monday, March 22, 2010

Dancing with the Stars commentary

Yea! I love, love, love Dancing with the Stars! I am personally a terrible dancer but have a great desire to do it. I wish this show was open to anyone but then it would not be Dancing with the Stars but Dancing with the Anybodies.

I was skeptical about this seasons line-up. After watching tonight's premiere I am a little more hopeful. So here it goes:

Chad Ochocinco: This man may be enough of a reason to start watching football. He is beautiful people! I also love his personality...very smooth with out being ostentatious. He has a great work ethic. He does not want to be told he is doing well if he isn't. That's brave! I thought he had one of the best performances tonight though he did not score very high. I think it's the price you pay for going first.

Shannen Doherty: Meh. She did nice. I think she will do alright...she may even surprise it and kick it up a notch but she will have to be less insecure. I loved that she cried because of how proud it made her dad to see her dance. It shows a lot about a gal if she still has a sweet spot for her Daddy!

And now I can't remember the order of things but...
Niecy Nash: I like this lady! I like her alot!! I love that she does not have hang ups about her figure. I need to learn her trick. (that will be a whole other blog.) I thought she danced great and I was crying with her in the end. She was my favorite tonight.

I don't have much to say about Aiden Turner, Erin Andrews was lovely, Evan L. You know...I found him very charming. His

The Bachelor: Ug. Go home already. Your 15 minutes is up. This is sad because I love Chelsea Hightower and would like to see her stick around. And what the heck was going on in the front row? Vienna and Gia were both sitting there watching him?! Ew! That was just nasty.

Kate Gosselin: This is the first time I've ever seen her on tv or talking or anything. Poor thing. There is nothing pleasant about her. Nothing endearing. I am hoping to see that come out in her and to see her soften up and also loosen up. It was very hard for her to be judged. She probably got involved in this to have fun and sort of get some relief from the judging eye that is always on her but..should have thought that one thru a little more.

Nicole Scherzingergerger whatever her name is: The pussycat girl. Bravo!! I loved her dance! I think these very sexy women who do nothing but promote sex and their bodies all the time really benefit from these more lady like dances and appreciate so much being seen as a lady instead of sex on a stick. Granted, they are the ones who got themselves in that position.

Enter Pamela Anderson: What was she on?! The poor girl was clearly not sober. Her hair was a birds nest. Just a mess! Her dance was ok but it was not the hot show Bruno and Carrie Ann made it out to be. And I felt bad for her that all they could see was sex on the floor. I hope she can class it up for her ball room routines. Her breasts look painful.

And Buzz Aldrin: American Hero. Why are you doing this? I don't think it is nice to have these older men and women do the show. There is no way that he will be any competition. Kudos for being able to move as well as you can and to be able to remember the routine. (that would be the hardest part for me. The memorizing.) But I really wish he had not done the show at all. I can't even talk about his wife because he is a hero.

So that is it. I wish, I wish I could dance with them! I cry every episode.

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