Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let the adventures begin!

I've been told by many that I should start a blog. I have to say that the times that I have posted a note in the social networking arena it has been therapeutic; to say the least. I have terrible grammar so you will have to excuse that.

My latest adventure was to Dallas for some Spring Break R&R. It was busy and fun and I left feeling full! I love my friends up in the Big D and hate that I can't see them more.

One odd occurrence while there was that every night was a marathon of dreams. I would dream something and wake up for an intermission to the restroom and then dream again. I often dream but these were consistently occurring. One dream I had was about snakes and I swear to you that I felt something slither by my leg. You better believe that woke me up. Ew.

In another dream I was working the car-rider line for a senior center. Now if you are not a parent or do not have school aged children you may not be familiar with what a car-rider line is. Basically if you are a child who is being picked up in a car rather then riding a bus you are a "car-rider." The line that the parent drives thru to pick up their child is called a "car-rider line." The teachers are out there to make sure that the children safely get in to the correct car.

So, in my dream I was helping senior citizens get into cars of people who were picking them up. Some were in wheel chairs and most were just very slow moving elderly. I was trying to be friendly and cheerful while helping but inside I was wrestling with impatience. Dreams. They are crazy. I'll have to look that one up on Dream Moods. It's great for dream analysis.

Before I left for the trip my husband gave me the most delicious kiss.... It was genius. I missed him the whole time and could not wait to get home! Yeah...he knows what he's doing.

So that kind of sucks for my first blog. I really had no intentions of starting a blog. Not a bad bit of jot for a whim.


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