Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dance Audition

There was a momentary thrill when I learned I got the call back for the dance audition  that quickly was diluted by life.  There were many things at home that I was preparing for and illnesses that I had to battle (boo) but back stage Anticipation was buzzing about.

I was not nearly as nervous about the dance audition as I was about the singing.  I think it's because I have so little experience in dance there was nothing I could do to prepare.  Well, I did take the dance classes at Arthur Murray but my three lessons there would not help much against the gals who have been dancing since they were 5.  The singing audition is scary because it's something that I feel I do have a talent in.  What if they don't like it?  What if I really can't sing and only think I can?  The dance...pfft.  If they don't choose me because of a lack of dance ability I can say, Yeah.  You're right.

They said they may ask some of us to stay and sing again and to watch for an e-mail for new materials.  They never sent new materials and the day before the audition sent an e-mail saying to just be prepared to sing.  So the day before and the day of I worked on my already polished audition pieces.  This was also a comfort because I really wanted a do-over of those songs anyway since the last audition was blurred by nerves and adrenalin.

I would love to share with you about some of the characters that showed up but since there is a possibility that I could be working with them in the near future I had better skip that part.  Yes, be sad because it would make for some great writing!

The first thing the choreographer had us do was walk.

Yes!  I can do that!

She lined us up in rows of five and 5,6,7,8, walk, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8.  This is totally my kind of audition!  This was followed by saches.  Again, a relatively easy move.  I tried to remember to make these very simple things stand out. Walk with your head high and with good posture.  Point your toes on the saches. 

Next she showed us a very basic rumba and salsa.  I felt pretty good about how those went.  (Thanks Zumba! *ding*)  Finally she got down to the choreographed bit.  It was a tango.  She broke it down into two parts and then we put them together.  We were paired off into couples and 4-5 couples at a time would perform the completed dance. 

This whole thing was so fun and a fabulous work out!  I felt really good because twice the choreographer singled me out to compliment something I did and twice she offered to lead since we were short on guys and I danced with her.  The first time I volunteered and the second time she requested me.  YES!  I figured they were good opportunities to get personal pointers. 

After we all danced in our small ensembles the choreographer then asked two of the guys to stay and me and one other woman to stay.  She had us dance with each of the guys.  This same group was then asked to stay to sing.

The other woman had a very lovely voice and good projection but it was almost too lovely and light.  Eva is ambitious and strong.  It was a little scarier performing the songs this time because the others auditioners (auditionees?) stayed to watch.  My voice was shaky.  I'm not sure if that was heard or only felt but I was more present this time and I though, the other woman did well I felt like I out performed her as Eva.  Though, I did notice they told her she did not have to do the reading because they had worked with her before.  So if this was just an off night for her they would know that too. 

All in all it was super fun!  The tango is a blast!  The drama of it!  I'm even a little sore today.  I think the Arthur Murray classes helped in that I knew the proper dance holds; where to place my hands, where to look, etc.  I feel really good about how things went.  We will hear back by Friday.  Praying!!

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