Friday, June 10, 2011

ToooooMorrow, ToMorrow, I Love Ya Tomorrow!!

Evita auditions are TooooooMorrow, ToMorrow!!

I laid in bed.  The morning sun wiped away a filmy residue of dreams and the Evita score internally blared in my head.


I immediately began a walk through of tomorrow's morning: what time I'll wake up, what I'll eat for breakfast, what I will wear, what time to get ready.  I decided which warm ups I'd do and imagined myself rehearsing my monologue and songs.  I practiced how I will introduce myself.  I practiced different scenarios of how the rehearsal could go.  Would they expect me to hold the reigns and decide which song(s) to sing and in what order or would they give all of the direction?  I tried to guess what questions they could possibly ask me and how I would answer them.

I found that my mind was multi-tasking for as I was thinking of the next morning I could hear my audition songs playing in my head; like the background music at the grocery store.  I have been trying to immerse myself in the materials they gave me for the past week.  Have I only had it for a week?  It seems like it's always been. 

All of my friends kids know the songs because I sing while they are over playing.  I sing in the shower, doing laundry, to the dog (who sleeps through it BTW), while cooking, while driving, in everything! 

Rehearsing the monologue is not much better.  Caren taught me a trick she used to tell her students to use when studying for tests, to put your notes in a Ziploc.  That way you can take them in the shower with you.  So I would address the people of Argentina in my shower, in the car, from my back deck, to my sons (who sadly now have it better memorized then I do), and to poor, poor Aaron who can hardly stand to entertain the socialist blather.  Whispered, shouted, and growled prayers are mingled in between each "take."  From time to time there is even a few "YES!  High five to You, God!  We nailed it."

I have had a few restless nights.  Often I would wake up in the night and the monologue is automatically running in my head or one of the songs.  The other night something was outside that had Drake (and all the other dogs in the hood) very upset.  He was barking all night.  Finally, at 3 a.m., Aaron let him out.  I kept waking up to the sound of him barking, growling, and galloping the perimeter of the yard.  This made for an interesting night of dreaming.  I would dream that I was performing but Drake kept barreling across the stage after another dog; barking, growling and galloping. 

In another dream Aaron and Shalah were playing catch.

With an eagle.

I was in between them.  Aaron would hold the eagle in his hands.  It's wings were folded and it's feet tucked up under it.  Aaron would underhand toss it over my head to Shalah and then she would do the same. At some point though Aaron started tossing the eagle willy nilly.  Sometimes a wing would be partly unfurled and a taloned claw would be protruding.  He would toss it anyway at a laughing and screaming Shalah who now had to try and catch this eagle that was partly in flight.  (Oh yes was the donkey laugh.)

Today I'm going to rehearse one last time.  Caren and Kevin have been kind enough to allow me to come and perform for them tonight.  I wanted to get a little nervous rehearsing in.  It's funny how much scarier it is to perform for a small group then to a theatre of people.

So this is it.  I feel good!  I can only do my best and I'm proud of what I have to offer.  The rest they can decide....TooooooMorrow, ToMorrow!

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