Saturday, June 11, 2011

Head Shots: Make 'em Laugh

Today is the day!  After months of anticipation, weeks of immersing myself in the score and one week of memorizing the audition materials I can finally go and show my stuff.

Yesterday morning I was feeling pretty good about everything but started to wonder if I should have a head shot or not.  I figured it was too late to get something professional done so I perused the choices from my profile pics on Facebook.

Hmm...these somehow did not seem appropriate. :/ 

My brother-in-law, who has lots of experience in local theatre and television, strongly recommended professional shots. 

I got myself ready in a fuscia, button up, blouse and did my hair and make-up.  Then I called Target to see if they printed their photos out that day.


A friend suggested Portrait Innovations.  I called and they could see me but it would have to be in an hour.  This did not give me much time since the studio was located down the hill.  They also said to bring a few change of clothes, so I grabbed some tops and my kids and ran out the door. 

Portrait Innovations specializes in photos of children.  They use props and whimsical backgrounds to get those sort of Anne Geddes shots.  My photographer was a college kid.  He assured me he had taken head shots before.


We began the shoot and I was beginning to think I was pretty darn cute because College Boy said so and he was shaking and nervous.  Then we got to look at the shots. 

First there was the "Housewife" pose:
Followed by "Sweet Potato on a Stick":
And every one's favorite..."Call Me a Cab":

I could here the trombone slide a sad "Wa-wa-waaaaah."  Apparently College Boy was shaking from too much coffee and was not unnerved by my stunning beauty.  Ha!  Makes much more sense.  In a few really good shots my hot pink bra strap showed.  Arrg!  I like to match the under things with the outer things and when I first chose the fuscia top I grabbed the pink bra.  I did not even remember that I was wearing it when I grabbed the other tops.  Boo.

I picked a few pictures that would work and drove straight to Caren's to cry about my grotesque deformities.  Caren and Kevin both thought the head shots/I were gorgeous.  

Regarding "Housewife" she said, "That is NOT what you look like.  That is just a bad pose and camera angle."

How I love my sweet friend!

Her family voted on the best head shot and then Aaron came over and gave his vote as well.  He then suggested dinner out.  I found this so thoughtful of him as I was a bit wound up.  Or he is smart and knew I was distracted and would burn it. 

The tablecloths were covered with butcher paper.  The family all played hangman and doodled.  I tried to "be there" at dinner with out completely losing a hold on Eva.  I wrote my monologue on the butcher paper.

It was a great evening and I was bolstered by all of my friends compliments and encouragements.  I was surprised and touched by the people who showed any interest in my little endeavour. 

Jenny Manley, the fact that we have never met but that you have been listening to the soundtrack right along with me...that has been so surprising and touching to me.  One day we will finally meet!

LeeAnne your advice and support has also meant a lot.  You are both so sweet to be thinking of me.

All of my friends have been amazing.  Their belief in me is convincing.  I really feel good about today's audition.  I am as ready as I can be at this point.  I know I will give a great performance and if I am not chosen it will not be because of a lack of talent or preparation.  Maybe it will be my lack of experience, the fact that they don't know me, my weight...who knows but it will not be because I did not give them a good show.

Oh and here is the winning head shot:

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