Monday, June 13, 2011

Shall We Dance?

That evening, after the audition, Aaron and I went on a date to dinner and a baseball game.  It was just what I needed; peace and distraction from my nerves and anxiousness for the audition results.

All auditions ended at 1 p.m. so I hoped for an e-mail that evening.  When I checked around 4 p.m. there was no news.  After the aud I felt as shaky about my performance as my legs had been.  I wanted a do-over so that I could better live in it and note how I actually did.  When getting ready for my date I tried to go back through it.  I stood in the shower letting the hot water wash off the haze from my memory.  It was like trying to recall a dream.  I quietly re-performed my songs in the shower.

Yeah...I did that.  I kind of remember hitting that.  OK.  I really did a good job.

I kept hanging onto Christina's praise that it was a "solid audition."  In other words I did great.  They showed interest and now we have to see if the other pieces fall into place.

Sunday morning I immediately checked my e-mail.


I made breakfast and tea and tried to loose myself in a book.  We had been given coupons for tickets to the Renaissance Festival and Aaron and the kids wanted to go.  I kind of wanted to stick near the computer but figured they were probably not going to do any announcements on Sunday.  Ren Fest would be another fun distraction.

I helped the boys put together knight costumes.  Apparently we had lost some armor in the move. :/  We were still able to put something convincing together with a ninja costume and capes.  The boys took up their arms and we were off!  It was, again, just what I needed.  I love my husband!  He can be a little odd and quiet but he knows just how to take care of me! *MUAH!*

On the way home from the festival I just couldn't help it.  When I was in range I checked my e-mails via my cell phone.  I scrolled past e-mails looking for the production managers name and then...there it was!

"Thank you for your audition Saturday. We would like to see you dance on Wednesday, June 15 at 7pm. After the dance audition we will ask to hear you again. You may expect additional audition materials via email shortly."

I held my breathe and pressed the phone to my heart.  Then I peeked at it again and started to laugh.  Still holding the phone tight to my chest I told Aaron,

"Um...I got the call back."


"Yeah, they asked me to go to the dance audition and want to hear me sing again.  They are sending me new material."


"Thank you!!!!"

"Did you get the part mom?  Are you Evita?"  the boys asked from the back seat.

"Not yet but they are interested in me and want to see me dance now."

Those words sank in a bit.  Crap.  Am I actually excited to go to a dance audition? 

"Babe, they liked me!  They really liked me!"  I had a little Sally Fields moment.  But the dancing...eek.  I kept swinging between these two realities.  I was good enough, I was being considered, BUT I am not a strong dancer.  I have to dance for them.  BUT  they want me to sing again. They want me to sing after the dance audition so it needs to be memorable and good enough to over ride their doubts in my dance abilities.  I can learn if they are willing to just take the time!!!

I text Christina and Matt with the news.  The whole ride home I was responding to the praise and advice they were volleying to me.  I felt so blessed.  What a great team of supporters I had and how lucky that they are in the "biz."

Once home I shouted it from the roof tops i.e. Facebook and got an onslaught of congratulations from friends and family.  I'm so surprised by peoples interest and investment in this dream of mine.  I love my peeps. 

There is not much I can do to prepare for the dance audition.  I took my classes at Arthur Murray (see That 70's Show)  So once again, I find myself waiting for an e-mail.  This time one with new material attached.


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  1. OKay…. so I am ready to hear how it went!!!! First I should say Congrats… okay… now I want to know how it went!