Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Hopefully I have uploaded these pictures right...I'm still trying to figure this thing out.

My garden is starting to bloom!!! I love it! After a real, genuine, bonafide winter down here in Texas, we are finally starting to see Spring. I had planted about 100 bluebonnet seeds. I have lots of seedlings but only about 3 blooms. Boo. I'm hoping it will be better next year. I also attached a picture or my blooming Ajuga. It looks like a little fairy forest. Next to my Ajuga is a mystery.

I know this is not a weed because it is only growing in this one spot. I can't remember if there was a plant there last year that seeded or if I sowed the seeds there myself. The picture of green stuff is my mystery plant. They are going to bloom soon and I'm on pins and needles waiting to find out what it is....this is what got me to thinking of my favorite things!!

I love to send mail, be it cards, letters or packages. I just love to think how fun it is for the recipient to get something other than a bill or advertisement in the mail. I enjoy being the recipient of this sort of mail as well. It's so exciting to see an envelope with a hand written name and address on it. It has to be the most thoughtful form of communication. Texts, phone calls, e-mails, and such are all good but the convenience of them removes a special element that the snail mail carries.

A clean house. A clean, candle lit house is so welcoming and warm...oh and you can see the tracks from the vacuum in the carpet...aaaaahhh! (Side Note: I don't enjoy cleaning house. I just really appreciate one.)

Bubble baths!!! Bubble bath with wine, candles and a good book or magazine. OR no reading material but a well loaded iPod.

Which brings me to music. I love, love music. Love songs have to be on my favorite things list. Oh, and it is so delicious when just the right song comes on. When it's just the song you needed to hear to comfort your heart..such a timely gift that you know is straight from Heaven. Or the right song for some good driving. I really want a bumper sticker that says "My car is a disco." I love to dance in my car. (but only there. Dancing outside of the car is...terrifying!)

Funny, insightful, or caring things that my children say. I love to hear them speak kindly to each other. I love to hear them using their best manners for no one special but just because it's the way to do it. I love to hear them speak about their faith. Wow, I learn so much from them.

I love my youngest sons butt. It's true. I ain't gonna lie. It's the cutest little pumpkin butt I have ever seen! I have a hard time keeping my hands off of it. I just love to pinch that sucker!! I love how he squeals when I do that!

I love my oldest sons heart. He has a great love for Jesus, people, the earth and all that's in it. Amazing heart! Hates injustice. He is a tiny little guy but he can rage up against injustice. Love it!

And probably my number one favorite thing is bedtime. I love when my husband and I get into bed and I get to be the little spoon. He holds me in his arms and whispers "this is always the best part of my day."

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  1. That mystery plant looks like the perennial aster I sent you!!