Friday, April 2, 2010

My Day Alone

It's not often that I am truly alone. Even if the kids are at school I usually have oodles of errands to run and phone calls and texts are usually being made during those errands.

Today my husband went to the Houston Open with some friends and our sons went to spend the day with their grandparents. I had the day all to myself and with absolutely no agenda!

I originally thought I would spend the day with my mom but she came down with the flu. So I brought over some juice and picked a few things up about the house for her. I made sure she was comfy as one can be when they have cold chills and aching all over the body. (Sorry mom! I'm outta here!) Then I did what any girl would do with a full day of nothing planned: I shopped!

I found a cute little top and a fun 1950s style apron at Ross. Then I remembered that I needed dish detergent and a mop. A mop...I really wish there was a mop with a push broom type of thing... I turn the aisle in Target and there it was! A mop that has bristles attached as well! I was so thrilled! Really, this made my day. I was like, I've GOT to call someone and tell them of this mop.

But no. I don't. I decided at that point that I was going to truly spend this day alone. I was not going to text or call anyone.

So I happily purchased my mop, resisting the urge to tell the 17 year old checker about how freakin' excited I was about this mop. I could not wait to go home and put it to work!

The laundry room was in special need of attention because that's the room we keep the cats litter box. This reminded me that I've really been wanting to get some sort of litter catching mat....headed to Pets Mart and there was just what I was hoping for! And it's a big one too. So far everything was going my pathetic little way. I was pleased as punch!

Before heading home I decided to have some lunch. Since I was going to embrace the alone-ness I thought that I would do something I had never done before. I was going to eat alone. At a RESTAURANT. I chose La Madeline for my date with me. Tomato Basil soup is so comforting and even though I was starting to feel more comfortable about this solidarity business I was feeling lonely at the same time. Tomato Basil is a warm friend who is always full of flavorful things to share.

And so it was me and my soup and a cup of tea out on a patio on a beautiful Spring day. I thought about my mop and cat mat. I did some thinking with God, you know...talking to Him but not out loud. I asked Him a few questions and He said He would get back to me. I think He mostly just wanted to "be" too. So I enjoyed my soup, my God and my thoughts and then went off to shop some more.

Borders was just across the street beckoning me to come for a visit. I love bookstores! They smell amazing. I found some Wimpy Kid shirts for the boys and then bought cupcake note cards and a cupcake pen. (I have a few little notes I need to send out about the bake-off.) I thought about getting a book since I would be able to read unmolested but I figured the mop was going to be a lot of fun. So I left the book store with no book.

I have never had more fun doing the mop prep before in my life! Moving everything out of the kitchen and laundry room, sweeping...the anticipation of actually using the mop was...well, it was not that great really but I was excited. So I mopped and the added bristle feature proved to be everything I imagined it would be. My floors look amazing! I got the cat mat out and rolled it out onto the exceptionally clean laundry room floor. It looks great! I brought the cats over to check out their new digs. They responded with a nearly synchronized switch of the tail and quick as lighting exit. Boo. You'll appreciate it you brats!

When the mopping was done I heated up a hot mug of water, gathered up my nail polishes and gave myself a pedicure while catching up on Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Exceptional day. Loved it. I finally broke down at about 4:30 and text a friend to tell her about my mop. She said I was a geek.

That's about right.

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