Monday, April 5, 2010

NTB: Putting the Compliment in Complimentary

Saturday we got a flat tire. Ran over a nail, apparently. So first thing this morning I knew I would have to take the car to the NTB to get it fixed before heading to the gym and the grocery store.

This morning was one of those ugly mornings. I don't know what I was doing in my sleep but my hair was ratted and crazy, not just in the back but the front too! It looked like I rubbed my bangs into the pillow. I pulled that crap back into a hair clip and assessed the rest of me.

I was looking rough but did not want to put on make up if I was going to get to work out and after stepping on the scale the gym was a must. All the dieting last week seemed to be foiled by the Eater Bunny. (Darn you Easter Bunny! *shaking fist in air*)

I hit my lashes with some mascara, smeared some lip balm across my lips and threw on some work out clothes. This would just have to do until after the gym.

I walked into NTB and waited at the front counter for a good 5 min. while the sales guy was on the phone. He doesn't look around the corner to wave an acknowledgement or anything. I just stand there for 5 long minute with Drew-bug running all over the place talking (loud, because he only has one volume) about the tile floor, the tires, the rims, the whatever he can find to talk about.

Finally the guy is done on the phone and comes to the counter.

"What can I do you for?" he asks. (Why do people say that? What is that?)

"Well, I have a nail in my tire. I need to see if you can patch it up and how long it will take to do that."

"Well, I don't know if we can patch it or how long it will take until I see it." he responds with this cocky air.

"Um..that is why I am hear. For you to look at it, answer my question and then possibly take care of it for me." I tried not to sound annoyed but either my tone or the look on my face gave it away.

"Oh, I'm just messing with you ma'am. Guess it's a little too early in the morning."

Well, he got that right.

We went out to my car and he took the tire. Said it would take 20 min. to patch and put it back on the car. I'll take it.

So Drew and I waited together. He played his PSP (so glad I thought to bring that along) and I read an article on 6 ways to lose weight fast. The suggestions are never anything new. Just do it.

The tire guy came back in less time then he had quoted and wished me a good day as he handed me my keys.

"Wow! Thanks! How much do I owe you?"

"Not a thing. Just bring your car to me if you ever need anything."

I thanked him again. When I got back to the car I called Aaron. He was going to be pumped! I told him it was done and it was free. He started to laugh.

"Did you go in your little work out outfit?" he asked.

" I mean, I have on yoga pants and a hoodie.."

"Baby, that's all it takes for you. I'm sending you to the mechanic from now on."

I started laughing too! Was he serious? No! The guy probably felt bad for acting like a smart ass. Right? Or was that a weak attempt at flirting? Really? Could it?

I decided to take the complimentary tire fix as a compliment. It made my morning. I enjoyed my work out and the usually mundane grocery shopping so much more. Even if that guy did not cut me a break because I'm hot; my husband thinks he did. He seems to really think I've got it going on and that has made my day!

I guess when he told me last night that I looked like a tempting Easter egg in my new lavender jammies that I should really focus on the "tempting" part and not the comparison to an orb. He loves me, he loves me, he loves me!

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