Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Read This To Yourself Again In One Month

I weigh myself every morning. I know...not good. Actually, that depends on who you talk to. It has been good for me in that I have been able to maintain my weight quite well by this. It's been bad because every fluctuating ounce causes great angst.

There is a number that I just won't go past. It's 5 lbs. more than my regular weight and 10 lbs. more than my goal weight. (I've also decided that this goal may be a dream, a myth, stupid.) Anywhoo...Before the Holidays I will diet like crazy and manage to only loose about 3 lbs. Then I gain 5 and I am still 2 lbs under the number I will not go past.

Until this year.

This year I did not do that. I don't remember why....oh yeah. I was in a production of White Christmas and nothing about my life was normal. Plus I had stopped working out as regularly as I had been sometime during summer vacation. Lot's of travelling...

So there I found myself 5 lbs over The Weight That I Swore I Would Never Pass. Which is 10 lbs more then my regular weight and 15 lbs more then the pipe dream I always stress out over. I have made sporadic trips to the gym but I am still not back on schedule.

I have been very careful with my diet since Spring Break and have even stepped into the Y enough to get the new updated cards. In about a months time I had only managed to lose a whopping 3 lbs. {grrrrrrrr}

This morning I stepped on the scale and have found that I am back to The Weight That I Swore I Would Never Pass. I have never been so happy to see that number. In the past, when I would see the dial start to inch toward that number, I would go in to attack mode. i.e. diet and no excuses to keep me from the gym. However, this morning it was a welcomed friend! YESSSSS! Only 5 more lbs to get back in my Happy Healthy Place. This time when I get there I am going to really be happy about it. It's where I should be. (Sometimes more, but never less.)

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