Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getter Done!

What a busy, busy weekend! Drew had four performances of the play Big Bad. He did great in each one. I was proud and impressed by all of his performances; especially considering that he played in a soccer game first and was up late the night before that at rehearsals. Whew! Tough boy, Drew!

Gabriel's soccer game was very good. So much better then last week when we played a team with nasty attitudes. The boys played with more strategy this week and Gabriel scored his first goal of the season! And it was on PURPOSE!

Also, this weekend was a meeting I had with the ladies on my Relay For Life team, Craving a Cure. We got a lot accomplished and still have tons more to do! It's 19 days until the relay. Our team is hosting the Texas State Cupcake Bake-off at the event. We have 15 flavors entered in the contest so far. Registration ends on the 30th of April so we'll see if there are anymore stragglers that sign up between here and there.

Last night we decorated our team aprons and chef hats. My friend, Tiffany, got a great idea to add sort of a faux tutu to the front of the apron and we added "ruffles" to the top with decorated cupcake liners. All of this was no sew! I am just always so amazed at what women can do when they get together.

I am also painting shirts for our families. Our hunky men will wear shirts that say "So-and-so's Cupcake." Almost all of us have two kids so our eldest will have shirts that say "The Icing on the Cake!" and the littles will say "The Cherry on Top!" It's so fun!!!!

So far our team has raisde $1,320 for cancer research. If you wuold like to donate or get more information on the event click on the links at the end of the blog.

We still have scads to do in a small amount of time but there are no worries. Such a great group of ladies are sure to pull it together.

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